Joy Forsyth Believes TLC Took Too Long To Cancel ‘Counting On’

Joy Forsyth- Instagram

Joy Forsyth is best known for her time on Counting On with her famous family, the Duggars. The series was on for decades and they became a household name. With all the fanfare of watching this Christian fundamentalist family grow, viewers were not surprised when it was canceled by TLC. In fact, Joy just opened up about how she thinks the network took too long to cancel it.

The Newest Video Update From Joy Forsyth

Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth have an active YouTube channel where they update fans on their life away from reality television. In their videos, they share news about their family and travels. In her most recent post, Joy Forsyth decided to open up more about Counting On.

The U.S. Sun shared some moments from her latest video. One of her fans asked her if she missed the TV show. Joy answered, “Um, I do not miss the TV show. I think it was best for our family for it to end, but I do miss the film crew that we had. I was with some of those guys since I was like six, and so for me, seeing them on a weekly basis and then not seeing them was really weird. It was best for our family at that time to get off and not be on the TV.”

Joy and Austin Forsyth- Instagram
Joy and Austin Forsyth- Instagram

Plenty of her fans chimed in that they were happy that her family was on television. They told her just how much they were able to learn about their religion. However, there were some that were very happy that TLC canceled the show. Her brother, Josh Duggar was arrested for possession of child pornography and this was a catalyst for the cancellation. Plenty of Joy’s fans were quick to share their thoughts about him as well.

Austin & Joy Forsyth Prepare To Welcome A New Baby

Joy and Austin love their family and are expanding it. She has been showing off her baby bump in recent photos. For months before her major announcement, she had hinted that they were welcoming another baby. However, like other Duggar women, she wanted to make it through the first trimester before telling fans of her pregnancy. Fans of the family have noticed that many of the women have suffered from miscarriages in the past. In fact, they have opened up about this before.

Joy and Jinger- Instagram
Joy and Jinger- Instagram

The Duggars may not be on television any longer, but Joy Forsyth is very happy about that. She and her family seem to be doing just fine without all of the publicity that comes from being on reality TV.

Do you agree with Joy about the show being canceled? Do you think it should have been pulled off the air sooner? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for more Counting On and Duggar news.

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