Amy King Highlights Steamy Make Out Session With Husband

Amy King- Instagram

Growing up in the spotlight of the Duggar family is not easy. Amy King knows firsthand just how hard the rules of the family are. Now that she is no longer “cousin Amy” for the Duggars, she is very open about her beliefs. Even though Jim Bob Duggar wanted her to be the golden child, she always felt like the black sheep. More so, she has made a point to break all the rules. Recently, she shared a steamy make-out session with her husband that her famous family would frown upon.

Amy King’s Steamy Session

When it comes to breaking the rules, Amy King enjoys doing it now that she is an adult. She loves showing off her body, which is a big rule breaker for those in the Duggar family. She isn’t afraid to get dressed up for her husband and show a little skin. Amy has been seen in some very scandalous outfits, but she doesn’t care what her family thinks. More so, she likes sharing some NSFW posts with her fans. In her most recent post on Instagram, she shared a Story with her fans that was pretty shocking.

Amy King- Instagram
Amy King- Instagram

The Story shows her making out with her husband, Dillon King. It is captioned, “Wouldn’t be able to do anything without this one.” From the looks of it, the Kings went out for a pretty fancy dinner and captured moments from it. Her fans were shocked to see this public display of affection. However, this isn’t the first or last time that Amy King will share moments like this with her fans.

Breaking All The Rules

When it comes to modesty, Amy King frequently breaks that major rule. Growing up as a Duggar, she had an interesting childhood that was shown on reality television. Now that she is no longer on television, she opens up to her fans about life. She has dropped hints about how her childhood destroyed her ideas on religion and she no longer is part of that church. Although it does seem that she still has faith in God, it’s in a much different way these days.

Amy King- Instagram
Amy King- Instagram

Amy does seem to be close to some of her cousins still and has praised them for changing their looks and ideas too. She has shown support to Jinger Vuolo after the release of her memoir and it looks like she is still close to Jill Dillard as well. Now that Amy is working on her adult life, her fans applaud her for being upfront about what she believes in.

What do you think of Amy King’s steamy make-out picture with her husband? More so, do you think that Jim Bob would approve? We would love to know what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more!


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