‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Canceled By TLC Soon?

Tammy Slaton - Amy Halterman Youtube

Is 1000-Lb. Sisters going to get canceled by TLC? Despite how much fans love the show and the dysfunctional family it follows, they fear the series might not have much of a future following news that Amy and Michael Halterman are getting a divorce. Why would this divorce put the show at risk of being canceled? Keep reading for the details.

Michael Halterman files for divorce

A bombshell was dropped on 1000-Lb. Sisters today when news broke that Michael Halterman filed for divorce from his wife Amy about a week ago. The two reportedly have been having all sorts of fights regarding their children. And, court documents confirm Michael reached his breaking point and officially filed for divorce. The original report goes on to reveal that the reason Michael Halterman wants a divorce is that they cannot come to an agreement on the best way to protect their children.

Amy halterman - michael halterman Youtube
Amy halterman – michael halterman Youtube

Turns out, Michael Halterman is no longer comfortable with Glenn and Gage being in front of cameras. He wants them off of reality TV. Unfortunately, Amy does not agree or understand where he’s coming from.

1000-Lb. Sisters to be canceled by TLC?

Fans fear the thread of Gage and Glenn not being on the show anymore puts the whole series at risk. Fans feel this way because no one really wants to watch just Amy. 1000-Lb. Sisters tune in because they find Amy and Michael’s children to be adorable. Admittedly, some fans do tune in to watch Amy and her siblings interact. But, a lot of fans are over Amy because she lost weight, got her children, and seemingly stopped caring about continuing to lose weight. Fans have shifted their love and focus to Tammy and her adorable husband Caleb.

Tammy Slaton Caleb Willingham 1000-Lb. Sisters YouTube

Some fans have even argued that Caleb and the rehab facility is really the only thing that saved the show this season. Has the series run its course? As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, there has been a call for the network to consider a spin-off and focus on the patients at the rehab facility instead. Alternatively, maybe there is an opportunity for a spin-off focused on Tammy and her new husband Caleb as they continue on their weight loss journey.

Tammy Slaton Caleb Willingham TikTok

It, however, sounds like Michael is ready to stand his ground on his sons not being on the show anymore.

Could 1000-Lb. Sisters be canceled soon? Unfortunately, it is looking possible.

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  1. One can certainly hope this garbage dumpster train wreck gets cancelled. it never should have been a show to begin with.

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