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Nanny Helps Kody & Robyn Brown Take Kids To The Zoo

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Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted in the wild again and their nanny was also with them and toting the extra baggage. Per the Sister Wives fan who shared the plethora of photos on Redditit appeared as if Kody and Robyn Brown took their children to enjoy a nice day at the zoo recently. And, they brought their nanny along to help with the children!

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Nanny helps Kody and Robyn Brown with children at zoo

Sister Wives fan excitedly revealed they jumped out of a snack line and abandoned their husband when they spotted Kody and Robyn Brown walking around the Phoenix Zoo. The fan admitted they were tickled as their husband was wildly confused as he wondered why his wife abandoned the line to chase after a random couple and snap a few photos of them.

The fan clarified they didn’t follow the couple for long, but they wanted to snap a few pictures to bring back to Reddit because they were more than a little surprised to see Kody and Robyn at the zoo.

Blasted as bad parents

Sister Wives fans continue to feel disgusted as they see Kody Brown giving a childhood to Robyn’s children that he never offered to any of his other children. Likewise, fans admit they are baffled as they try to understand why Kody and Robyn need a nanny to come along with them as they enjoy a trip to the zoo with two school-aged children.

One fan questioned on the Reddit thread: “Can they not go anywhere without the freaking nanny!? Can Robyn not raise her 2 children alone?”

“THEY’RE TENDER AGED!!!!!!” Another jokingly chimed in

A third agreed: “Robyn AND Kody are there. Two adults can’t handle 2 -school- aged kids?”

Kody Brown - Reddit
Kody Brown – Reddit

As fans know, Robyn and Kody have been spotted in public a lot lately. And, the photos continue to reveal their nanny always tagging along with them if they have their children. Some fans question if perhaps Robyn has some sort of medical condition that makes her incapable of giving her children the care they need. Likewise, fans admit that it isn’t like Kody helped raise his other children. So, he probably needs the nanny to tell him how to be a parent.

The moment at the zoo was a real head-scratcher for fans as they continue to ask about the purpose of the nanny.

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