Jonah Johnston Snags F&I Certification: What Does That Mean?

Jonah Johnston- TLC

7 Little Johnstons cast member, Jonah Johnston has been a huge part of the series since it began. Fans have watched him grow and struggle in his adulthood. His mental health has been a major storyline on the show. However, his career choices have always played out. Now it looks as if he has made a great career move. In fact, he recently shared on Instagram some great news. He is now F&I certified, but what does that mean?

Jonah Johnston Makes Big Moves

In the newest Instagram post from the Johnston family, they shared a photo of Jonah with a plaque. The caption read, “F & I Certified.” This seems to be a great accomplishment for him. He has tried to follow in his father’s footsteps and go into sales. Is this certification part of sales? As fans looked through this post, they had some questions about the certification. Of course, there were many ‘Congrats’ comments, but a lot of confused fans asked exactly what F & I is. One fan wrote, “Welcome to the FSM world!” Another added, “That’s not even a real thing, but whatever.” One more fan chimed in with, “He really looks happy. He looked so lost in the past about job options and moving out of the home. Great to see him succeed.”

Jonah Johnston- Instagram
Jonah Johnston- Instagram

Of course, there were multiple comments from his fan trying to explain exactly what this certification is. A knowledgeable fan told the others that it was a position in finance. It could be anything from a finance manager to banking, securities, or real estate. This certification could also work in the world of insurance and now fans are curious as to what career path Jonah has decided to take.

The Changes In Jonah’s Life

Jonah Jonhston has gone through some major changes in his life since the 7 Little Johnstons began. Fans have started to notice how much he has changed his hair and clothing. They have pointed out that over the years, it looks as if he has started to care more about his appearance. Jonah used to let his beard grow out and he didn’t really take good care of grooming it. Now he likes to trim his beard in order to have a more sophisticated look. He has completely changed the type of clothing that he wears and his fans think that he looks very respectable these days.

Jonah Johnston- TLC
Jonah Johnston- TLC

It turns out that Jonah’s fans love the fact that he got dressed up in his suit to accept this certification. They are very excited about his new transformation in life and in his career!

What do you think Jonah will do with this certification? Do you think he will go into real estate or insurance? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more 7 Little Johnstons.

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