Jinger Vuolo Dishes Up Overcooked Pizza In Latest Cooking Fail

Jinger Vuolo - YouTube - Tamron Hall

Former Counting On star Jinger Vuolo snapped a photo of the overcooked pizza she dished up for her family this weekend. It looks like she had a bit of a cooking fail. Despite the pizza not turning out, she was quick to share it on social media for her fans to see. Scroll down to check out Jinger’s latest post and see what she whipped up.

The Duggar Family’s Cooking Habits

If you’re a longtime Duggar fan, you probably know about their interesting cooking habits and family recipes. TLC viewers, as well as social media followers, have been fascinated (and sometimes disgusted) by the way the Duggars eat. You might recall hearing about some of their favorite dishes, from BBQ tuna to tater tot casserole. Many of the kids are obsessed with pickles, and growing up, they ate a lot of canned and processed foods.

Jinger Vuolo - YouTube
Jinger Vuolo – YouTube

Now that some of the kids are grown up, married, and living on their own, their eating habits have changed. Jinger Vuolo and her husband Jeremy live in Los Angeles, California. And they enjoy all kinds of food these days. They’re often eating out at unique restaurants or preparing delicious meals at home. It appears to be quite different from how Jinger was raised, though she did recently prepare tater tot casserole in a YouTube video, which you can watch at the end of this article.

Jinger Vuolo Dishes Up Overcooked Pizza

On social media, Jinger and Jeremy have shared photos and videos as they have prepared pizza in their fancy pizza oven. They even put it to good use when Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth visited a month or two ago. However, the most recent pizzas that Jinger Vuolo whipped up didn’t turn out so well. Despite this, she shared them on social media anyway.

Below, you can see a photo of one of the burnt pizzas Jinger shared on Instagram. The cheese and toppings are overcooked and crispy. It looks like it was cooked a little bit longer than it was supposed to be. But in her post, Jinger didn’t mention anything about her cooking fail and simply showed off her creation.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

So, what do you think of Jinger Vuolo’s recent cooking fail? Does it surprise you that she posted something that didn’t end up looking very appetizing? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family. Below, you can check out Jinger’s tater tot casserole video.

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