Kim Kardashian & Saint West [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram]

Exposed Saint West, 7, Oozes Sadness & Breaks Fans’ Hearts

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Saint West sparked concern among fans and broke their hearts. They noticed that he oozed sadness in the new photos that came out. Kim Kardashian traveled to London with Saint and her friends and their sons. Fans accused the reality star of exploiting her children. Keep on reading to learn more and see the sad photos for yourself.

Saint West looks sad in new photos

Kim Kardashian brought Saint West and his friends to the London Eye, which is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. It’s also called the Millennium Wheel because of its large size. The Media Agency released the paparazzi photos. It was a rainy day in London, but that didn’t bring Kim down.

Kim Kardashian & Saint West [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram]
[Source: Kim Kardashian – Instagram]
She was excited to bring her seven-year-old son to the London Eye. Kim wore a white fur coat over a white T-shirt and jeans. It was the same outfit she wore when she debuted her dramatic hair transformation earlier this year. Meanwhile, Saint West looked downcast in the photos.

The young kid wore a navy blue, white, and pink Emirates Adidas jacket with matching tack pants. He finished off his look with running sneakers. Saint West also held a large shopping bag in his hand as well as a pair of binoculars. The paparazzi photos ended up on the KUWTK Snark subreddit.

Fans accused Kim of exposing him by calling the paps. They couldn’t help but notice how sad Saint West looked during their trip. Some wished that Kim would keep her kids out of the spotlight. Others feel that nothing good will come out of exposing her kids.

  • “Kids’ faces don’t lie. She’s the worst.”
  • “Those kids will never want for anything, except genuine parental support, reassurance, care and unconditional love.”
  • “I can imagine her fake voice just saying ‘just smile.'”
  • “Great, riveting content, Kim. Nothing like p*ssing the kids off by filming.”
  • “Saint has the same expression that North has, when she’s dragged out for publicity.”
  • “He’s p*ssed he’s with this lady that brings him out only for cameras and filming. I guarantee he would rather be with his nanny.”

Is Kim Kardashian a creep?

Other fans couldn’t help but poke fun at Saint West’s mom. They claimed that she looked like a “creep” in the photos because of her expression. The SKIMS founder had a funny open-mouth expression on her face. Others thought she was creepy for exposing her kids.

  • “She looks so creepy lol.”
  • “To me, Kim’s always has creepy dude vibes- except instead of excessively thirsting over women, she thirsts for fame.”
  • “JFC, this must be scary to look at for the kids.”
  • “She looking like latter days MJ.”
  • “That nose is going to collapse!”
  • “Kim sweetie – stop touching your face. You’re in the no return zone now.”

This sighting comes as Saint West ran around free and rowdy in a hotel hallway. Kim’s son misbehaved with his friends as they screamed a celebrated after their soccer game. What are your thoughts on Saint? Do you agree that he’s oozing sadness because Kim exposes him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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