‘My 600-Lb Life’ Fans Compare Season 11 Guests Chris & Mark

Chris Parsons and Mark Rutland from My 600-Lb Life, TLC

My 600-Lb Life participants come from many different walks of life. Each guest has a unique story and their own reasons for pursuing bariatric surgery.

However, viewers couldn’t help but notice striking similarities between two Season 11 guests. Mark Rutland and Chris Parsons ended up with vastly different results, but their weight loss journeys had many commonalities.

My 600-Lb Life Season 11 features two men with similar journeys

Both Chris and Mark started their My 600-Lb Life episode with a goal in mind: they wanted to have bariatric surgery. Many show participants have a rough time making the necessary lifestyle changes necessary, but Mark and Chris seemed to really enjoy healthy eating and exercise.

Both men quickly began to lose weight and Dr. Now was impressed with their progress.

Chris Parsons from My 600-Lb Life, TLC
Chris Parsons/TLC

But when the time for surgery eventually came around, both Mark and Chris had cold feet. Dr. Now encouraged them to go through with bariatric surgery, but the men had their reservations.

Ultimately, the men decided that they wanted to see how much weight they could lose without medical intervention. They were positive they could lose weight on their own.

This is where their stories start to diverge.

Mark Rutland from My 600-Lb Life, TLC
Mark Rutland/TLC

Where Mark started to plateau, Chris kept pushing. Dr. Now noted that it was going to be harder for Mark to lose weight if he didn’t go through with the surgery, but he dug in his heels. After one year, Mark did lose 137 lbs. However, it was clear that he was starting to struggle. When his episode ended, he still refused the surgery and his future remained unclear.

On the other side of the coin, Chris continued to drop weight significantly. After one year of meaningful lifestyle changes, Chris managed to drop a whopping 256 lbs without ever receiving bariatric surgery. He got his mother and brother involved and they started going on long walks together.

Fans have starkly different reactions to Chris and Mark

Redditors always have hot takes on My 600-Lb Life episodes. And they definitely had a lot to say about Chris and Mark.

Viewers reacted very negatively to Mark’s episode but seemed to cheer on Chris.

“Do a Mark and Chris back to back rewatch if you ever want to see both spectrums of what this show offers in terms of failures and successes,” one Redditor said. “Also, One has a young daughter used for actual inspiration, the other just talks to other people‚Äôs young daughters “for inspiration.'”

“Chris is what Mark wanted to be,” another added.

What did you think of Chris and Mark’s My 600-Lb Life episodes? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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