Jeffrey Dean Morgan Drops Edgy ‘The Boys’ BTS Photo

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The Boys Season 4 is well on its way. The “A-Train” is fully in motion and it seems like weekly now there are new updates to raise the hype level. One of the biggest announcements to get fans ready is the addition of yet another former Supernatural cast member. Joining Jensen Ackles from the original Eric Kripke-led show is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He’s joining the cast for his very first appearance as a mystery role in Season 4. And recently, he posted an edgy behind-the-scenes pic to further raise excitement.

Negan X The Boys

There have been several small teasers for the upcoming season of The Boys as production is underway. Showrunner Eric Kripke recently put out the title page of the finale script to hint at where the story may be going. On top of things like that, we now have Jeffrey Dean Morgan behind-the-scenes showing off some of the attitude fans expect from the show.

jeffery dean morgan behind the scenes pic the boys
‘The Boys’ behind-the-scenes pic Jeffery Dean Morgan put on his Twitter

Morgan is clearly out of costume in this pic, so sadly there’s still no hint as to the role he may be portraying. The prevailing fan theory right now is that he will be Tek Knight. Tek Knight is essentially The Boys version of Tony Stark from the Marvel comics. So, imagine all the money, technology, and narcissism, without any of the lovable qualities that make people enjoy Tony Stark. Exactly what’s come to be expected from the Amazon Prime superhero show.

There’s no official confirmation on whether Tek Knight will actually be Jeffery Dean Morgan’s character or not. Another fan theory with some believers is that he may play Mister Marathon, the speedster that predates A-Train in The Seven. We likely won’t know for certain who Jeffrey Dean Morgan is until the trailers for Season 4 begin to come out. Even then, it’s possible they may want to keep the role under wraps until the season begins premiering.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan In The Comics

JDM on The Boys could be the first time he and Jensen Ackles have been on screen together since Supernatural. Fans of that show are absolutely delighted with the possibility of seeing the two interact again. Granted, it’s possible they could just be in the show together without ever seeing each other. Ackles’ character Soldier Boy is currently out of commission, and there’s no telling how much he’ll actually be in Season 4. We’ll have to wait and see if we finally get the onscreen reunion of two of the Winchesters or not.

jensen ackles soldier boy the boys
Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy on ‘The Boys’

The Boys Season 4 is coming soon to Amazon Prime Video. The first three seasons of the show are available on the streaming platform now.

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