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Gymnast Nastia Liukin Shows ‘Morning Routine’ In Thong Swimsuit

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Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is flaunting her Gold Medal body in a cheeky thong swimsuit as she jokes about her morning routine and enjoys a poolside moment.

The Russian-born former athlete delighted her 1 million+ Instagram followers shortly before the weekend, making it swimwear game strong and choosing a gorgeous green bathing suit as she posed for two shots. Nastia thrilled fans as she showcased her peachy rear and super-toned legs, but her post didn’t just come as a body flaunt. Nastia both shouted out a brand and snuck in a joke. Fans have left the Dancing With the Stars alum over 17,000 likes in 23 hours.

Gold Medal Body In Cheeky Swimsuit

Enjoying a quiet moment in the sun, Nastia updated from the backyard of her new Texas home. The Moscow native struck a leggy pose to open with. She posed in profile and in a cap-sleeve swimsuit. Going for a figure-flaunting look, the gymnast also showed her girly side as the swimsuit came with light stud detailing. Nastia posed with closed eyes. She placed one hand to her head, also rocking her blonde locks up in a ponytail.

A swipe right upped the ante as Nastia offered a rear view and revealed her stylish pool look to have a thong design.

T-Rex Vibes In Thong Swimwear

Addressing fans, the Pottery Barn partner wrote: “I *thought* I was getting the perfect little aesthetic morning routine video in my @gigicbikinis… instead all I got was a t-rex claw.” She even added in dinosaur emoji!

Fans called Nastia “beauty” and “grace,” but unwelcome comments also came in. One user deemed the super-fit star too skinny.

Comments On Her Weight

“There is naturally thin and there is dangerously skinny, and your arms in the second photo look like the latter to me. I know I shouldn’t be worried about a celebrity who doesn’t know I exist, but I do worry,” they wrote.

Nastia had made 2020 headlines for shutting down a shamer who said that she looked “borderline anorexic.”

“It made me feel: defeated, p*ssed, sad, annoyed, confused, shocked, and many other feelings. If taking pictures of my OWN body — a body that won me many Olympic medals. A body that I push each day to get stronger, a body that God gave me — is inherently promoting anorexia, then honestly, we’ve gotten to a place in the world where just BEING is offensive,” she fired back while posing in a skintight dress.

Nastia Liukin also went skintight as she rocked a cute blue top and jeans look recently while posing with friends for a “flower” moment on Instagram. The star is loved for her style and for those workout tips. Much like model Hailey Bieber, Nastia adores Pilates. For now, though, it’s all about that swimsuit!


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