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Gwendlyn Brown Apologizes & Explains The Delay

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Gwendlyn Brown is taking the time to apologize and is explaining a delay that’s going on. What exactly is she apologizing for? More so, what delay is the Sister Wives star referring to? Read on for more details on the situation.

Gwendlyn Brown Apologizes & Explains The Delay

There’s an apology being issued by Gwendlyn Brown. Right now, the twenty-one-year-old is living her best life. She recently was out with her fiancee, Beatriz Queiroz. The two attended a Taylor Swift concert which made Gwen’s plethora of followers quite jealous. Furthermore, she is busy planning her upcoming summer wedding. Along with her sisters and her mother, Christine, they gathered last month for a beautiful love-filled engagement party.

Gwendlyn Brown/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
Unfortunately, in the middle of all of the fun and excitement, there was a delay which caused Gwendlyn to feel apologetic. According to her Instagram, she was trying to upload her latest YouTube reaction video. Interestingly enough, Gwendlyn just celebrated getting a plaque from the social media platform. However, the uploading process was slowed down as she is visiting her fiancee’s family. She wrote this along with a photo of the video trying to get the video up: “i’m visiting bea’s family and my wifi is so weak. sorry for the inevitable delay to my friday post!!”

Gwendlyn Brown/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
Obviously, Gwendlyn Brown did not have to apologize as she had no control over what was going on. Yet, it was extremely considerate of the college student to take the time to recognize her faithful fans. Within two hours, she shared that the video had finally been posted and was available for fans to watch. This was a pivotal episode for Gwen to react to as it was the one where her father, Kody, and his fourth wife, Robyn both got Covid. It was also the episode where he forgot his son, Gabe’s birthday which broke the hearts of so many viewers. Obviously, fans were quick to react.

What Did The Fans Say?

Clearly, Gwendlyn Brown’s reaction video to Sister Wives Season 17, Episode 13 was worth the wait. Her followers were quick to chime in with their thoughts. Many felt that Robyn was overdoing her Covid illness. One noted: “Robyn was speaking in a normal voice while in the hospital and had no oxygen on……meaning she was NOT sick enough to be taking up space in the Emergency Dept. What a princess drama queen.” As for Gabe’s missed birthday, one shared that hearts broke everywhere for him. “I cried when Gabe cried,it was so sad. A fever of 99.8 is barely noticeable,such a baby,” someone added. It was honestly a very stressful episode for all.

Do you think Gwendlyn Brown should have had to apologize or was she just raised to be considerate? Is this further proof of what a great job her mother did? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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