Anna Johnston Gets Her Party On With Big Daddy Trent

Anna Johnston- Instagram

Anna Johnston, from 7 Little Johnstons, has had quite a lot going on in her life these days. She recently bought her first home and has been celebrating that. However, this isn’t the only thing that she has been celebrating. In her most recent post on Instagram, she shared some photos of herself with her father, Trent Johnston. Trent and Anna took time to celebrate his special birthday this week!

The Big Celebration For Trent

Just this past week, Anna Johnston shared a new Instagram post. She posted an adorable photo of the two of them together. She captioned it, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY papa! Thank you for doing everything for the family and pushing us to be the best! Here’s to another year to give you grey hairs. Now LET’S PARTY TONIGHT!” The two of them were smiling so big in the photo and it was clear that they had a great time together celebrating.

Anna and Trent Johnston- Instagram
Anna and Trent Johnston- Instagram

When fans saw her post, they wanted to share their love with Trent too. One fan wrote, “Aw! Happy birthday, papa. You are an awesome daddy. You and your wife did a great job raising your kids. They are well-mannered, responsible, and think of others the same or different. Love you, guys!” Trent got a lot of birthday love in this post and it made Anna Johnston very happy to be able to share this with her followers.

Fans Love Anna Johnston’s Posts

Additionally, Anna Johnston gets a lot of love from her fans on social media. They have been following her life since the beginning of the show. Moreover, she is very relatable to them and knows how to have fun. Just like other reality TV stars, she gets a lot of hate and love but doesn’t seem to let the bad stuff bother her. Her mother, Amber Johnston has called out the haters, but Anna lets it roll off her shoulders.

Anna Johnston- Instagram
Anna Johnston- Instagram

In a recent Story on Instagram, she actually made fun of herself. She shared a screenshot from when she was doing an interview on the show. The screenshot showed a very annoyed look on her face and she thought it was hilarious. She compared that photo to one of her smiling and looking very friendly. Anna captioned these photos, “Me at work… When you think that you look really friendly and approachable at work when really you look like this.” Most TV stars would be annoyed by it, but Anna laughed about it.

Do you love to see Anna’s posts about her family? Finally, what do you think the Johnstons actually did for Trent’s birthday? We would love to hear what you think about his special day. Leave it in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more 7 Little Johnstons. 

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