Amy Roloff Slammed For Price Gouging After Abandoning Fans


Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World uses her social media accounts to push her business. Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen has been thriving since it began. However, there are some fans who are pretty upset with the changes that she has made. In fact, in a new post, fans were very upset with her for gouging the prices on some of their favorite items.

Amy Roloff Abandons Fans

When it comes to sharing on Instagram, Amy Roloff does her best to boost her business. This past week, her fans were looking forward to her doing a Live featuring her new items. With these diehard fans standing by patiently, Amy posted, at the very last minute, that the Live was canceled. This news hit her fans hard, but she tried to make up for it. In fact, she made a video of herself advertising some new items on her website. Amy was pushing the new fudge that she had made and added onto Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. As much as she wanted her fans to be excited, they were shocked at how expensive the fudge is.

Amy Roloff- Instagram
Amy Roloff- Instagram

As soon as Amy shared this video, her fans were quick to tell her just how upset they were with how she canceled the Live. These fans were also upset at how much she had gouged the price of the fudge. One fan wrote to her, “Why would anyone pay for your overpriced fudge when making fudge is so ridiculously simple?” A fan followed up to that comment with, “People buy overpriced stuff all the time, it’s ok to splurge once in a while.” From the looks of it, there are mixed opinions on the fudge, but one thing is for sure, it looks tasty!

What Does Amy Do For Money?

Even though Amy Roloff is still on Little People, Big World, her fans are curious about how she makes money when she is not on the show. She has been working on her website for a few years and now is offering special subscriptions to her diehard fans. Amy has always enjoyed cooking so she pushes her videos and cookbooks. Her store has more than household goods though. She also pushes merchandise such as jewelry, shirts, and books. Amy’s website also has a place where fans can book her for public speaking events.

Amy Roloff- TLC
Amy Roloff- TLC

It turns out that Amy is a wonderful public speaker and loves to share experiences that have happened to her. She has shown her fans that she is a very strong person with a lot of exciting moments in her life. More so, she makes money by pushing her yummy fudge!

Do you think that Amy is charging too much for the fudge on her website? We would love to hear what you think about the cost. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more.



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