‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy TNGNT Ski Bikes

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Shark Tank is back this week with a new episode and a machine called the TNGNT Ski Bikes will make an appearance. The people behind this outdoor machine will be looking for a shark to bite and offer an investment for their company.

Here is a look at the TNGNT Ski Bikes and where you can buy it.

What are the TNGNT Ski Bikes on Shark Tank?

The TNGNT Ski Bikes are like nothing you have ever seen. These are basically skis that look like a bike. They even include a seat with handlebars as you go down the slopes. The founders of TNGNT are Bill Pierce and Scott Carr. They have been friends since high school and have a passion for mountain biking.

The TNGNT Ski Bike / IG

However, the two admit that they hated not being able to ride their bikes in the winter, and that is when they came up with an idea. They decided to design a “ski bike” and wanted to create the same feeling as riding their bikes in the summer but on the snow and ice.

The first model hit in 2019 with the TNGNT Carve Ski Bike, and this provided surprisingly solid control and stability. It ended up attracting buyers in both ski lovers and bike enthusiasts alike. They also went on to create a new version for individuals with disabilities, partnering with the Adaptive Sports Foundation.

The TNGNT operates on the same principles as skiing and snowboarding. This means that riders can move their way down the mountain with great control. The handlebars allow easy turning and it is supposedly easier to control than other snow sports. It also allows quick stops, which is never easy with traditional skis.

Where can you buy the TNGNT Ski Bikes from Shark Tank?

Anyone wanting more information after seeing these bikes on Shark Tank should head to the company’s website at tngntskibikes.com.

There are currently three different TNGNT models. These include the Carve 2.0, Carve 2.0 Pro, and Drift. The Carve Ski Bike works in all conditions. The Carve 2.0 runs $1,499 while the Carve 2.0 Pro runs $2.399. Finally, the Drift runs only $999, and only weighs in at 26.5 lbs.

The Curve claims to have full suspension. However, The Drift is advertised as “light, fast & nimble.”

There are also accessories. A Leash 2,0 Kit is $19, Pow Bomb Skis are $449, Skiblox 2.0 is $12, and there is also a hoodie that ranges from $35 to $38. There is also free shipping when orders are over $1,095 (to the United States and Canada).

Does the TNGNT Ski Bikes sound like something you might buy? Is it worth the investment from the Shark Tank investors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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