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‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Crispy Cones

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Shark Tank is back this week with a new episode and a new food item called the Crispy Cones Pastry Dough Ice Cream Cones will make an appearance. The people behind this tasty treat will be looking for a shark to bite and offer an investment for their company.

Here is a look at the Crispy Cones Pastry Dough Ice Cream Cones and where you can buy them.

What are Crispy Cones Pastry Dough Ice Cream Cones on Shark Tank?

There has been an emphasis on food and beverage sales on Shark Tank in recent weeks. Last week, a company making SeeetKiwi Yogurt was looking for an investor, and a few weeks back, the owners of Kahawa 1893 Coffee was looking for a shark.

This week on Shark Tank, Jeremy Carlson and Kaitlyn Carlson want a shark to buy into their company so they can further bring the Crispy Cones to the United States. So far, the couple has had great success with the treat in both Rexburg, Idaho, and in Logan, Utah.

Crispy Cones Shark Tank / IG

Crispy Cone is a fresh dough cone that is grilled rotisserie-style and then covered with either cinnamon and sugar or with crushed Oreos. The cone is then filled with a choice of spread, gourmet soft-serve ice cream, fruit, and a variety of toppings. Customers create their own unique treats from all the options.

According to Jeremy, he had never seen an ice cream cone in the United States made with pastry dough. Using high-quality natural ingredients, he finally mastered his delicious treat. It remains unique as pastry dough is not often found in the United States. It is popular in European countries, but Jeremy has brought it to the United States.

Where can you buy Crispy Cones Pastry Dough Ice Cream Cones from Shark Tank?

When it comes to Crispy Cones, this is all about physical locations and the company is looking to find franchise operators to open up stores around the country. There is a lot of info about this on their website at

There is also merch for sale there, including t-shirts to help promote the company.

Crispy Cones original location / IG

As for where to buy Crispy Cones, there is an online opportunity to order, but it is for pickup and delivery only, so you have to live where there is a franchise open. At the moment, there are only two locations.

There is a Crispy Cones location in Rexburg, Idaho, with a physical address of 163 W. Main Street, Suite 102. The second location is in Logan, Utah. Its address is 532 S. Main Street, Suite 115.

Does the Crispy Cones Pastry Dough Ice Cream Cones sound like something you might buy? Is it worth the investment from the Shark Tank investors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I live in Fontana California and would like to know where I can buy Crispy Cones as seen on Shark Tank televised on March 17th

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