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‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Chubby Buttons

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Shark Tank is back this week with a new episode. A new device called the Chubby Buttons Wearable Remote for Phone will make an appearance. The people behind this device will be looking for a shark to bite and offer an investment for their company.

Here is a look at the Chubby Buttons Wearable Remote for Phone and where you can buy it.

What is Chubby Buttons Wearable Remote for Phone on Shark Tank?

While it has a funny name, the Chubby Buttons Wearable Remote for Phone seems to have quite a useful function. The company was created by two friends, Justin Barad & Mike Cherkezian. Chubby Buttons is a smartphone accessory that allows anyone to access and control their smartphones while wearing thick gloves.

Chubby Buttons - Shark Tank / IG

This comes in handy for people working outdoors and even when adventuring in the show with big snow gloves. It is a device that fits around a person’s arm, on the handlebars of their bikes, or in other places, There are five oversized buttons on the device that make it easy to push a button no matter how big and thick your gloves are.

Once a person gets the device, they program it to connect to their phone via Bluetooth. Once set up, the giant buttons allow them to answer their phone, control music volume, take photos, launch Siri or Google Assistant, and more. The company advertises its device for skiers, cyclists, and any other activity that requires large gloves.

It also works with both Apple and Android devices. It is also rugged and made to withstand harsh environments.

While this is just a part-time gig for Cherkezian, who also works as an investment research sales associate, it has still been successful. It is debt free and has made over $1.6 million in sales, selling 5,000 units in its first year to recoup all investors’ money.

Where can you buy Chubby Buttons Wearable Remote for Phone from Shark Tank?

The first place that a person can go to after seeing the company on Shark Tank is the official website at chubbybuttons.ioThe cost of the Chubby Buttons Wearable Remote for Phone is $79.99. It is also available in Tron Black, Hunter Green, and white with blue buttons.

Chubby Buttons are also available on Amazon. It is the same price there, and it offers free Prime delivery for anyone who is an Amazon Prime member. The free delivery is same-day, so anyone who sees it on Shark Tank and loves it could have it by the next day at the soonest.

Does the Chubby Buttons Wearable Remote for Phone sound like something you might buy? Is it worth the investment from the Shark Tank investors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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