‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Autio The Audio Guide

Shark Tank is back this week with a new episode and a device called Autio the Audio Guide will make an appearance. The people who invented this device will be looking for a shark to bite and offer an investment.

Here is a look at Autio the Audio Guide and where you can buy it.

What is Autio the Audio Guide on Shark Tank?

In recent years, it is just common to make sure to have a GPS when going on a trip or even just heading to an unfamiliar location in town. These have become invaluable and have made actual maps a thing of the past. However, the makers of Autio the Audio Guide have added a little something special to their units.

The company has one question. When traveling somewhere, have you ever wondered about the history of the places you pass while on a road trip? That is what Autio the Audio Guide offers people.

The Autio app from Shark Tank / IG

The original Autio company was created in 2017 by a group of passionate road trippers and was finally launched in 2020 by the team. One of the founders is none other than actor Kevin Costner. The CEO, Woody Sears, has helped launch many startups and successful businesses in the consumer and mobile industries. It was him that came up with the idea of storytelling.

What is more impressive is that the extensive library of stories has some very familiar names behind them. Each story is three to five minutes in length and travels the range of the town’s origin, the reason a mountain peak is named after someone, and more. The names telling the stories include Kevin Costner (Yellowstone), Phil Jackson (former Chicago Bulls head coach), and John Lithgow (Third Rock From the Sun).

There are also new stories added every week, and the app will also work when flying somewhere. At the moment, the website says there are 10,399 stories with more added all the time. California has well over 1,000 stories, New York has close to 2,000 stories, and even states like Oklahoma have over 240 stories.

Where can you buy Autio the Audio Guide from Shark Tank?

Autio the Audio Guide app is available through the company’s website at autio.com. It is only available right now for Apple devices, but there is an Android app coming soon. There is a place on the website to offer up your email address to be notified when the Android app is available.

It is also incredibly nicely priced considering the number of stories and the big names they hired to tell the tales. The current subscription for those with iOS devices is just $36 a year.

Does Autio the Audio Guide sound like something you might buy? Is it worth the investment from the Shark Tank investors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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