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Meri Brown Owns Being Fake: ‘Sometimes We Have To’

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Meri Brown of Sister Wives is finally owning up to what fans have always suspected: She’s fake. The TLC star, however, explains that being fake is something that everyone has to do sometimes. Meri recently took to Instagram to fess up to her fakery with her 834K followers. What did she say exactly? And, how did her followers react to her post? Keep reading for the details.

Meri Brown owns being fake

Kody Brown’s first wife admits that she sometimes takes a very “fake it till you make it” approach to life. Unfortunately for Meri, that approach didn’t really work in regard to her marriage with Kody. After years and years of pretending her marriage was fine, she finally accepted it was over. What prompted Meri Brown to open up about her “fake it till she makes it” approach to life?

Turns out, she was slapped in the face with irony while doing a bit of shopping. She came across a potted plant with the words “I will survive” written across the pot. Meri proceeded to explain what was hilariously ironic about the plant was the fact that it was fake. So, of course, it was going to survive.

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She continued as she opened up about being fake sometimes being the answer to surviving: “No matter what you’re going through, no matter what is going on in your life, you will survive! Sometimes, yes, we may have to ‘fake it’ as we keep going. But really, is it actually faking it?”

Maybe it’s just putting on a brave face while you get through the muck. Maybe it’s just doing what needs to be done because you have responsibilities and it needs to be done. Maybe it’s less about faking it, and more about being true to your authentic self.

Here is the photo Meri posted on her Instagram:

Meri Brown - Instagram
Meri Brown – Instagram

Sister Wives react to her fakery

Fans of Sister Wives flooded Meri’s Instagram post. Most agreed the one thing they really wanted to know was where she got the plastic potted plant. Here’s what some of her other followers had to say about her post:

  • “I admire you so much, why you say? Because of your strength to keep your commitment for so many years.”
  • “The irony of it being fake is definitely an lol”
  • “Thanks for this Meri. We are dealing with a lot right now and I couldn’t agree more.”
  • Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

There was a mix of support and criticism in her comments. Some fans noted that she stretched “fake it till you make it” to the limit. Others pointed out that you shouldn’t have to fake a marriage. She had many fans, however, that thanked her as it was a post they needed to read.

What are your thoughts on Meri Brown fessing up that sometimes being fake is necessary to survive? Let us know in the comments and bookmark Tv Shows Ace so you never miss any Sister Wives news.

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