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Why Did Johannah Duggar Spend So Much Time In The Spotlight?

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Why did Johannah Duggar spend so much time in the spotlight on her family’s TLC shows? Fans have recently noted that the young girl was often the center of attention on 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On. Of course, there are questions about why this was. Keep reading for all of the details, and see why fans think she got so much extra attention when there were lots of kids in the house.

The Duggars’ TLC shows followed the entire family, but certain members made their way into the spotlight at different times. For example, birthdays, weddings, and big life events typically focused on one person, rather than the whole family. But after watching some old footage, fans couldn’t help but notice that Johannah seemed to be focused on pretty heavily during her years on reality TV.

Johannah Duggar - YouTube
Johannah Duggar – YouTube

Check Out This Old TLC Clip

On Reddita throwback clip resurfaced, showing that Johannah Duggar was sometimes in the spotlight on her family’s shows. The nearly five-minute video focuses heavily on Johannah’s behavior and personality when she was a toddler. It features many of the little girl’s antics and reveals just how fun and spunky she was in her earlier years.

In the clip, Michelle Duggar explains to viewers that Johannah didn’t crawl for long at all before she began climbing. She also pointed out that having a toddler in the house provides plenty of entertainment for the whole family.

cameras seemed to be on hannie a lot ! was she jim bobs #1 money maker before josie came a long .. from DuggarsSnark

Why Did Johannah Duggar Spend So Much Time In The Spotlight?

It’s unclear why Johannah spent so much time in the spotlight in clips like these. Some fans wonder if the young girl might have been Jim Bob Duggar’s favorite at the time. One fan noted that Johannah wasn’t the only little one in the spotlight and said, “Jackson and Johannah were always on camera when they were little.”

Someone else felt sad that Johannah’s bold personality seemed to be stifled over the years. They said, “I hope Hannie gets out when she gets older. I hope her pure joie de vivre isn’t sucked out of her.”

It’s unclear why exactly Johanah Duggar ended up being the center of attention. Some fans think it simply has to do with her bold personality, which naturally would keep viewers entertained. She certainly provided her family with a lot of laughs.

These days, fans don’t see much about Johannah. She doesn’t have her own social media accounts, and her family is laying pretty low. So, there are very few updates about what’s going on in her life. Today, she’s 17 years old.

So, why do you think Johannah Duggar spent so much time in the spotlight as a child? Do you think she was Jim Bob Duggar’s favorite, as fans mentioned? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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