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The Real Reason Leon Brown Was ‘A Brat’ During Childhood?

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Seasoned Sister Wives viewers know that Leon Brown didn’t have the easiest upbringing. In the show’s early days, Leon even went to a different school than the rest of their siblings because they were having such a rough time in public school.

Some fans believe that Leon behaved in a “bratty” way during the first several seasons of the show. But one Reddit user is stepping up to defend the former TLC star. Keep reading and see what they had to say.

A Redditor sticks up for Leon Brown online

All teenagers go through rough phases. But does that make Leon Brown “bratty?”

“Is Leon really a brat?” a Redditor asked online recently in a very lengthy post. “I see people commenting often on Leon’s frequent moods on the show when they were a teenager, calling them a brat. Here’s my thing, my daughter is the same way when she’s emotionally overwhelmed — except I don’t take it as immature, because yes, they’re having some big feels, but they’re not taking it out on anybody, most of the time they remove themselves from the situation and go calm down.”

Leon Brown, Audrey Kriss, and Meri Brown from Meri's Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

The Reddit user went on to say that Leon isn’t any different from any other teenager in these circumstances. The difference is that Leon’s family is on a reality TV show and their behavior is public for everyone to see. And on top of that, the OP notes that having Meri for a parent probably influenced those mood swings quite a bit.

“Leon’s always kept their life private. All of this doesn’t read brat to me, they’re being less dramatic than most adults, especially the adults in their family,” they continued. “Logan and Leon HAD to be mature and take care of a ton of siblings. They were both parentified. I had to do the same. But I see Leon LOVES their siblings. Logan too. In private, maturely.”

Although many Redditors agreed with the OP’s point, the comments section had a mixed bag of reactions.

The OP’s message received many different reactions from other viewers

Several other Sister Wives viewers outright didn’t agree with the assessment but did agree that Meri’s parenting style likely had a lot to do with Leon’s teen behavior.

“They were also raised crazy fundamentalist and were trans and queer,” another Redditor sympathized with Leon. “I can’t imagine what that was like for them, and doing all of it on television.”

Other users didn’t agree with how the OP compared Logan and Leon’s teen years.

Leon Brown and Logan Brown from Meri Brown's Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

“Ah No. Logan and Leon had way different lives going up!” another wrote. “Leon not once got up and cooked breakfast for their 5 siblings and got them up for school. … While Logan had to do these things and help raise his siblings. Leon never had that responsibility. None of them should have had that responsibility. ”

What do you think? Check out the Reddit thread in its entirety and share your thoughts in the comments.

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