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Josh Duggar In No Hurry To Go Back To Anna?

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Josh Duggar was sentenced to 12 and a half months behind bars. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s son was busted with a phone (contraband) resulting in his potential early release date being pushed back to October 2nd, 2032. On Reddit, Josh Duggar is being called out for his failure to “keep his head down” so he can get back to his wife Anna, and his seven children sooner rather than later.

Speculating a bit further, individuals on Reddit believe Josh Duggar isn’t that interested in “keeping his head down” and getting busted with a phone wasn’t a scenario he regretted. These same individuals believe Josh is purposely hindering his chance at an early release because he isn’t interested in rushing home to his wife Anna.

Josh and Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar Twitter
Josh Duggar Twitter

Josh Duggar prefers prison to his wife Anna?

One individual penned in a comment liked nearly 2K times: “Imagine caring so little about your wife and kids that you can’t even keep your head down while in prison to get back to them faster.”

At one point in time, Anna and Josh were rumored to live in a warehouse on Jim Bob Duggar’s property with their children. Fans speculate Josh isn’t in a hurry to return back to being under mommy, daddy, and Anna’s thumb.

Anna Duggar Instagram (Josh Duggar)
Anna Duggar Instagram (Josh Duggar)

His wife hasn’t been painted as a great person

More than a few times there have been anonymous sources who have come forward to various media outlets to talk about Anna Duggar. None of these sources have ever painted the picture of her being a nice or easy person to get along with. Moreover, fans argue that if Josh actually loved his wife he never would have been unfaithful to her. So, most fans believe Josh isn’t trying too hard to get out early because he doesn’t really want to return home to Anna.

Presently, fans admit they find comfort in knowing it is unlikely that Anna Duggar will be able to have any more children with her husband as her “baby-making days” will likely be over by the time he gets out of jail. Some fans admit they are disgusted he didn’t get more time behind bars. And, they don’t think he should ever be allowed out of prison.

Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Do you think Josh Duggar is purposely getting his early release pushed back because he doesn’t want to go home to Anna? Let us know in the comments down below.

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