Jackson Roloff Sends LOUD Message To His Mother Tori

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Little People, Big World fans have a lot of opinions on the “thank you” note that Jackson Roloff wrote for his mother. They think Jackson is sending a very LOUD message to his mother and they think the letter speaks volumes about what things are like inside his household.

Jackson Roloff sends LOUD message, speaks volumes?

Tori and Zach Roloff have been criticized for being dirty and lazy parents for years. Fans believe they are destroying their expensive home in Battleground. And, fans frequently fear for the safety of their children. Being well aware of what fans say about her, Tori Roloff has taken to Instagram more than a few times to clap back at the dirty accusations in video clips on her Stories. Fans, however, haven’t really backed down on thinking she doesn’t keep a very clean house.

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After Tori shared this letter on her Instagram, one fan questioned if she was only posting this letter BECAUSE so many people accused her of not cleaning. Was this letter her evidence that she does clean her house?


Other fans pointed out that the letter “spoke volumes” about the gender roles within Jackson’s household. Fans questioned why Tori Roloff is the one Jackson sees cleaning the house. Does Zach Roloff not also do his part to clean?

Jackson Roloff - LPBW
Jackson Roloff – LPBW

Some fans shut the conversation down

Now, there were many other fans who pointed out that this was just an adorable letter that a loving child wrote to his mother. These fans pointed out that this type of letter was completely normal for someone Jackson’s age and people were reading far too much into it.

Another fan defended the gender role topics noting that perhaps Zach and Tori each have sets of responsibilities in the household they have agreed to and cleaning just happens to be one of hers. This individual argued there is NOTHING wrong with Tori being the one cleaning the house.

One individual fired off in the comments: “Idk if Zach has any form or reputable job. But, IF he does, and she/they agreed she’d stay home, then cleaning the home is probably one of her responsibilities. I am not a gender specific role person. Idc if you’re male or female. If one of you ain’t workin’ take care of the house.”

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Another fan fired back noting it as “toxic” thinking and argued that being a stay-at-home parent was also a job. And, the housework should always be divided.

Some fans side-stepped the conversation completely and doted on Jackson for his incredible spelling and handwriting.

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