‘GMA’: Amy Robach Still Legally Married To Andrew Shue

Amy Robach [Source: YouTube]

Amy Robach is still legally married to Andrew Shue. Yet, the Good Morning America co-host claims they were legally separated in the summer of 2022. That was around the time when she was in a six-months-long affair with her co-anchor TJ Holmes. Read on to find out why Amy hasn’t filed for divorce yet.

Amy Robach still married to Andrew Shue

An insider revealed why Amy Robach and Andrew Shue haven’t filed for divorce. Yet, she’s moved on with TJ Holmes. They’re talking about living together and celebrating their impending engagement. One source told The U.S. Sun that the couple is “continuing to hash out their divorce outside of court.”

Amy Robach [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“It’ll be filed once it’s ready to be finalized. As we know, these things do take time,” the alleged source told The U.S. Sun.

Family law expert Goldie Schon also spoke to the outlet. She feels that the two want to file for their divorce privately. They don’t want to deal with public speculation. The Melrose Place actor became a hermit after the news of Amy’s affair broke.

He’s hardly spotted in New York City even though he lives there. Goldie told The U.S. Sun that “he clearly wants no part of this drama.” Andrew also doesn’t want to be tied into her affair.

“They were already separating when she got involved with TJ, and he has clearly made a concerted effort to not be involved in this mess.”

Andrew is a private person. He’s managed to stay out of the public eye since the paparazzi hunted him down months ago. What also hasn’t helped is that Andrew and Amy Robach aren’t on speaking terms. He doesn’t want to deal with her, especially with all the “chaos” this affair news created.

“There is no specific date for their divorce to be finalized, but they are making very good progress,” Goldie continued. “They are dealing with all of it — property, everything. It’s going to be a complete resolution of everything.”

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Inside TJ Holmes’ divorce

Unlike Amy Robach, TJ Holmes was swift with the next step in his life. He filed for divorce from Marilee Fiebig in late December 2022. Back in January, TJ hired the top attorney in NYC. His estranged wife hired Fara Rodriguez, who is a partner with the law firm Philips Nizer LLP.

Their divorce could get ugly since they share a daughter and assets. Marilee’s legal team has already called out TJ in the media. Marilee is upset that he would flaunt his affair with Amy Robach in the public eye. Reports suggest that their divorce could be costly because of it.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
What are your thoughts on Amy Robach still being legally married to Andrew Shue? Do you think they should get it over with? Or, do you think it takes time? Sound off below in the comment section.

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