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Fans Call For Scripted ‘SW’ Documentary Of The Early Years

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Sister Wives fans are calling for a scripted documentary revolving around the early years. What fans saw, when the show began in 2010, was a time when things started to get rough. Now, it seems diehard fans want to delve into where it all began and what it was like when they were initially just three wives and Kody. Read on for more details.

Fans Call For Scripted Sister Wives Documentary Of The Early Years

Documentaries have been made about Warren Jeffs and other aspects of polygamy. There have even been shows revolving around escaping the lifestyle. Now, fans are in favor of the Sister Wives cast doing a real scripted documentary dating back to when they all first got together. However, should it date back to each family member’s early days or start when Kody met Meri? By all accounts, it would be fascinating to see the love that they once sincerely had. Plus, it would be interesting for fans to explore Janelle and Meri’s relationship when they were in-laws.

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Recently, a Reddit thread has been started and it began with this: “This is exactly why a scripted show about the early years of the Brown family would be great.” Below that was a screengrab of the show which featured an older photo of the Browns. The captioning on the screen read: “WE ALL LIVED IN A THREE-BEDROOM SINGLE-WIDE MOBILE HOME.” This is not a lot of space for all of the children they would start to birth. Plus, three wives and a rotating husband. Fans soon began to chime in with their thoughts.

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“I’d love it but it should begin in each person’s high school so I can see kody acting flamboyant. Then show them each meeting him,” one person shared. Another added: “Genius! I’d love to see the wives as teenagers too.” One Redditor gave a complete breakdown of what they wanted to see: Yes!! I want to see Robyn’s grade A expert polygamous upbringing (need about 30seconds there to film her mistress/honeymoon mother and absent adulterer father). I want to see polygamous royalty Christine. Janelle’s first marriage breakdown. Meri’s mysterious early marriage BETRAYAL that destroyed Kody.”

Season 18 On The Horizon

According to Christine Brown’s son, Paedon, there will be a Season 18 of Sister Wives. It will apparently revolve around Janelle but in what capacity, it is unsure. However, a lot has happened since Season 17 ended with three wives leaving and Christine finding love. Fans who go back and watch the beginning seasons can almost get a documentary feel. They will actually get to see the breakdown of the relationships and how the family got to where they are. Yet, is that enough?

Would you like to see a Sister Wives scripted documentary? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I would absolutely love to see a scripted documentary about Sister wives origins
    eg. how each wife met and married kody and each wife’s upbringing

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