‘SW’: Audrey Kriss Shares Importance Of Trying

Audrey Kriss- Instagram

Former Sister Wives cast member, Audrey Kriss is known for being the partner of Leon Brown, Meri Brown’s only child. Audrey and Leon have been very open about their relationship. They love sharing with their fans and generally will share photos and videos of life together. However, Audrey’s fans discovered that they wanted to share a little more this week. This time around, it was all about trying and how important it is.

Audrey Kriss’ New Story

Audrey Kriss likes to post quite a bit about life on Instagram. They shared a quote on their Stories that appealed to a lot of their fans. The quote read, “Today, I will try again. I will try a different way. I will take a deeper breath and let the troubles of yesterday sort out as they may. I will try patience instead of worry. I will await for more opportunity, I will be gracious if they do not come. I will try again. Perhaps in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Perhaps in a way that leads me to where I am meant to be, even if that is different from where I had hoped. I will try a different way- for sometimes the way we dreamed is not always the way we need.” The quote is from Brianna Pastor.

Audrey Kriss- Instagram
Audrey Kriss- Instagram

Of course, as soon as Audrey’s fans read this quote, most of them could relate. Their fans immediately knew this was a quote that everyone could relate to. Audrey has been a very relatable cast member of Sister Wives since first appearing on the show. Audrey and Leon have been very open about their sexuality since day one. They haven’t appeared on the show in some time. However, they are incredibly popular with fans. When they came out to their fans, there was some backlash, but the support has been overwhelming.

Leon & Audrey’s Love Story

Watching Sister Wives has helped fans to develop their opinions about Leon and Audrey Kriss. Audrey enjoys sharing with their fans and even shared photos of their top surgery results. They have been living such a quiet life with Leon, who also recently underwent top surgery. Their relationship has really impressed a lot of their fans because they have remained strong. More so, Audrey has been living in the trans community for a few years now. Along with Leon, Audrey is very happy about their life and how far they have come.

Audrey Kriss- Instagram
Audrey Kriss- Instagram

Audrey continues to push the importance of trans health care. Along with their partner, they have shown support for the doctors and nurses that help with transition surgeries every day. However, no matter what happens in life, they really love their relationship with Leon and the quiet life away from Sister Wives. 

Did Audrey’s post inspire you? Would this be a quote that you would remember? We would love to hear what you think about it. Please leave your comments below. Also, stay with us here, at TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.


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