‘Survivor’ 44: How Does The Inheritance Advantage Work?

survivor 44 sarah inheritance advantage
Nick Davis

Survivor is constantly coming up with new advantages to throw at both the players and the viewers. It keeps everyone collectively on their toes not knowing what could be coming next. More so, not knowing what could be brought out at tribal council. Survivor 44 already has a number of new advantages to its name, and apparently, it even has more coming. Yet, one advantage, in particular, has some people scratching their heads. They are not certain exactly how everything works. Thankfully, Jeff Probst has given a little clarification surrounding the nature of the mysteriously powerful new Inheritance Advantage.

The Inheritance Advantage

The Inheritance Advantage was found in the first episode of Season 44 by Sarah. She got it via the controversial new “Risk Your Vote” twist. Unlike previous seasons, it now forces players to risk at least once. Sarah is the only player thus far to obtain this advantage.

survivor 44 inheritance advantage notes
The notes for the Inheritance Advantage in ‘Survivor’ 44, Episode 1

The note for the advantage says Sarah can play it at one tribal council. She will receive any advantages or idols that come into play at that tribal. There were some misunderstandings among many viewers as to what exactly this meant. Can Sarah negate the use of every advantage at one tribal and gain all of them for herself? Could she play an idol and then inherit it and play it again at the same tribal? The answer to both of those questions is, no, and Jeff Probst gave further clarification in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

survivor 44 episode 1 jeff probst immunity challenge
Jeff Probst in ‘Survivor’ Season 44

Basically, Sarah can play the Inheritance Advantage in secret at the voting booth during one tribal council. Then, any advantages and idols that come into play at that tribal will come into Sarah’s possession after she returns back to camp. So, obviously, the advantage will have no effect if Sarah plays it and then there are no advantages, or if she’s the one that gets the boot at tribal council.

The Advantages Of Survivor 44

This actually makes the advantage fairly interesting. In theory, it could make Sarah the most overpowered Survivor player of all time. But, she would have to get extremely lucky and play it during one of the rare “advantage-geddon” tribals. It could also simply be another new advantage that never gets used correctly, like Shot In The Dark or Knowledge Is Power.

survivor season 44 logo
The logo for ‘Survivor’ Season 44

The advantages of Survivor 44 don’t end there, though. Jeff Probst gave a teaser for another new advantage that will come into play sometime later in the season recently. He did so on the official podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst, which has had a number of exciting announcements over its two episodes. Season 44 clearly has a lot to add to the Survivor canon, and it’s going to be interesting to see what it throws at us next.

New episodes of Survivor Season 44 are premiering every Wednesday.

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