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‘Return To Amish’ Where Are Abe & Rebecca Schmucker Now?

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Abe and Rebecca Schmucker were standouts at the beginning of Return to Amish. They had made the decision to live in the English world and were seemingly happy with this choice. So, whatever happened to the happy couple? Read on for more details.

Return To Amish Where Are Abe & Rebecca Schmucker Now?

Abe and Rebecca were first featured on Breaking Amish where a handful of Amish/Mennonites see what life is like in the English world. There was a lot to experience and Abe and Rebecca found themselves falling in love. Fortunately, Abe’s mother, Mama Mary Schmucker was there to help whenever someone in the group needed advice. Breaking Amish soon spun off to Return to Amish and some of the original cast crossed over. This included Abe, Rebecca, and Mary.

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Throughout their time on the series, they welcomed their little girls. However, by the end of Season 4, they decided that it was time to depart the show. According to Meaww, Rebecca tweeted their departure in 2017, which was soon reported by Starcasm. “Announcement! We made the decision to no longer participate in Return to Amish. It’s been a long road to come to this decision as a family and to move on to things that make us happy and bring us closer to where we want to be. We are living our best life!! PS I got my GED!!”

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They have continued to enjoy life together, going on adventures while still remaining English. When Mama Mary first got sick in 2021, Rebecca was the one who started to give updates. It appeared that Mary was recovering at Rebecca and Abe’s but nothing could keep her from making her infamous afghans. However, this was a good distraction for Rebecca as she often is left alone while Abe works hard for his family.

A New Round Of Kids

Mama Mary left Return to Amish in Season 5 when she said she wanted to be with her husband after she had been excommunicated. Yet, she eventually told the truth about why she left and that she had felt lied to and deceived by TLC. Grandma Ada Byler has since taken over as the wise woman of the hour. Then, or Season 6, two new kids joined the show, Ada’s granddaughter, Maureen Byler, and Rosanna Miller. Now, in Season 7, there will be three newbies seeing what rumspringa is like. Two are in a romance but what toll will this adventure take on them? Fortunately, familiar faces like Sabrina Burkholder, Jeremiah Raber, and his wife Carmela are back for another round.

Are you happy that Abe and Rebecca are thriving post-show? Let us know and watch the season premiere of Return to Amish Tuesday, March 14th on TLC.

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  1. glad abe Rebecca and their family are doing well. praying for miss mary 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 . the show isn’t the same without them. i can’t stand Jeremiah and that druggy sabrina. gotten used to the lafy who took marys place. the show just isn’t the same without the shmucker family but i think this is the fourth “reality” show on tlc that has treated people wrong.

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