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‘Bachelor’ Charity Lawson Reveals Abuse By Former Boyfriend

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Bachelor alum Charity Lawson has been open and honest about her past abusive relationship. She shared a lot with Zach Shallcross during her time with him on the show. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and Zach sent her home Monday night after meeting her family. It was his toughest goodbye yet. Keep reading to find out more about Charity and her past relationship.

Charity Lawson shares abuse by past boyfriend

Charity Lawson quickly became a fan favorite during Zach’s season of The Bachelor. She appears genuine, beautiful, intelligent and fun. Basically, Charity is the whole package. However, that doesn’t mean her life has always been easy. During her time on the show, she shared with Zach that her past relationship was not healthy.

During her one on one in Estonia, Charity said she had been in an emotionally abusive relationship on and off for six years. She and her ex were high school sweethearts and continued their relationship into college. Charity even noted that she believed he was her person. It turns out she was wrong. After taking years of abuse and not feeling worthy or feeling like an actual girlfriend, Charity got out of the relationship.

She has shared it was just not healthy at all. She never shared specifics or his name but fans feel for her and are glad she escaped a bad situation.

Her family expressed concerns

Zach went to meet Charity’s family Monday night. Her brother Nehemiah is skeptical and worried his sister would end up brokenhearted. He told her when her past relationship ended he wasn’t sure she would survive it and he didn’t want to see her go through it all again.

Ultimately he was right and Charity did end up getting hurt. It was painful but things may be looking up for Charity. Rumor has it she will be announced as the new Bachelorette in the coming days.

As for Zach, he said this was the toughest breakup so far. He and Charity both cried when she left Monday night. While painful he still believes he made the right choice.

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Charity voiced to Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young that she believes everything happens for a reason both good and bad. It was perfect timing for her to join The Bachelor. Chances are the experience opened a lot of doors for her.

Are you disappointed that Zach decided to send Charity home? Do you think she will be named The Bachelorette? 

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