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‘Extreme Sisters’ Preview: Randi & Jordan Share A Honeymoon?

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Extreme Sisters stars Randi and Jordan and prepping for a honeymoon. Yet, it seems like this might be too much of a family affair for the soon-to-be newlyweds. In a preview for the upcoming episode, the twins address the honeymoon situation. Will one twin crash the other’s party? Read on for more details.

Extreme Sisters Preview: Randi & Jordan Share A Honeymoon?

Randi is planning her wedding to Derek on Extreme Sisters. However, it seems as though her twin sister, Jordan has a lot of opinions as to how the event should go. She has already picked the location even though Randi and Derek wanted to do it at home. Aside from that, she planned the whole proposal from ring shopping to what Derek should say. Now, she has the idea that she should come on the honeymoon with the newlyweds.

Extreme Sisters/YouTube
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The sisters share a bed and do not care about their partners. Jordan is married to Derek’s twin, Daniel and they are living their twin dream as they all live together. Yet, as the honeymoon becomes a subject in a clip of the latest episode, Jordan has her own thoughts. According to Distractify, Jordan feels that she should join Derek and Randi but she presents her reasoning. First off, she thinks she could be helpful as the couple’s personal photographer.

Extreme Sisters/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Then, Jordan explains that she did not get her own honeymoon. The reason behind that is she and Daniel opted to put the money toward their new home instead of going away. This is all well and good but Randi has thoughts about Jordan hopping on the honeymoon bandwagon. “Don’t get me wrong, I really want my sister to come on this honeymoon. But is it worth really upsetting my husband over most likely? I don’t know.” Derek is already somewhat confused by the closeness between the two and how Daniel just goes along with it.

What Will Happen?

These Extreme Sisters are very in tune with one another but Jordan does not back down easily. As for what happened on their honeymoon, a photo was posted from it Randi’s Instagram page. She and Derek headed to Key Largo, Florida in early June 2022. Underneath the photos, Jordan wrote: “Thanks for letting us accompany y’all ❤️.” Therefore, it’s entirely possible that Jordan and Daniel went with them and finally got to have the honeymoon that they missed. It will be interesting to see how Derek reacts to the idea of Jordan coming with them if Randi even tells him.

Do you think that Jordan should be so invasive with the honeymoon? More so, do you think that they are not respecting their partners’ boundaries? Let us know in the comments and watch Extreme Sisters Mondays on TLC.

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