‘Dr. Stone’ Season 3 Gets Official Trailer, Release Date

dr stone new world season 3 trailer senku
Nick Davis

It’s been nearly two whole years since the finale of the second season of Dr. Stone. And, finally, the show is coming back with its third season in the New World. The only content within the world that we’ve gotten since Season 2 was the Dr. Stone: Ryusui special from last summer. That was some great insight into a new character along with world-building for this land we’ve all come to love, but it’s time we finally get back to the main story at hand. The trailer for Season 3 is here along with the release date to let us know when we can expect more Dr. Stone.

New World

The trailer shows off a lot of exciting stuff for the third season, with the arc title Dr. Stone: New World. The group will be traveling overseas to a dangerous new land to find a resource Senku needs. It’s going to be introducing a lot of new stuff, from new characters to new enemy types and all sorts of other things in between.

dr stone new world season 3 logo and release date
The logo and release date for ‘Dr. Stone’ Season 3

Season 3 is set to be split into two parts. The first set of episodes will begin premiering on April 6th. There’s going to be a break halfway through the season and then the second half will pick up sometime later. There’s no release window for when Season 3 will return with its second half. Also, there isn’t any total episode count for the season at this moment. So we don’t know as of right now when the first half of the season will be ending.

April 6 will be the launch of the first episode with English subtitles. For fans who prefer watching with dubbing, there’s of course always a slightly longer wait. Thankfully, the wait isn’t too long for Dr. Stone Season 3. The first episode with English dubbing will be launching on Crunchyroll on April 20th. Just two weeks later than the English-subtitle premiere.

Dr. Stone

dr stone season 3 trailer mystery character
A threatening mystery character from the ‘Dr. Stone’ Season 3 trailer

If you want to jump in on Dr. Stone, now may be the perfect time. With Season 3 just around the corner and the first two seasons along with the special all available on Crunchyroll, it’s great binge material. Dr. Stone is about a boy genius Senku who attempts to rebuild the world after the mysterious petrification of all mankind. It seems as though Season 3 is inching closer to the reveal of who is responsible for mankind’s petrification. It may just be the best season so far.

Dr. Stone: New World the third season officially premieres on Crunchyroll on April 6th.

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