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‘Below Deck’ Crew Nervous About Bodybuilding Charter Guests

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The Below Deck Season 10 crew is getting nervous about the next charter. The guests include a bodybuilding couple who join the boat with their even bulkier friends. In the preview for Monday’s episode, these charter guests look intimidating at first. Some of the crew members joke that they might get knocked out. Keep on reading to learn more.

New charter guests aren’t here to mess around

Season 10 of Below Deck is will be coming to an end soon. The charter is on smooth footing now that Captain Lee Rosbach is back. His fill-in Captain Sandy Yawn got rid of the chaotic energy that was on board. The next charter guests aren’t here to mess around and it shows.

Chef Rachel Hargrove In The Galley [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
On the next episode of Below Deck, the primary charter guests are onboard St. David for the next 24 hours. Fans will learn about bodybuilders Keith and Jolynn Hoogstad. Their entrance aboard the superyacht will be a memorable one. Even the crew members get nervous upon their arrival.

Not only are they intimidating, but they also come with a big list of demands. Chef Rachel Hargrove will have to reset her cooking knowledge again. These fitness fanatics no doubt have a different diet due to their lengthy preference sheets. Keith and Jolynn are a couple who are enthusiastic about working out.

Per, Keith also works as the President of CKS Landscaping and the owner of Angels Acres Tree Farm. As for his wife, Jolynn is a professional in the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation. Unsurprisingly, the married couple spends most of their time working out together. When they’re not in the gym, they go on bike rides or car rides.

On the latest episode of Below Deck Season 10, three other couples will join them on the boat. Fans will also get to know Dexter “The Blade” Jackson and his wife Gale. He won the 2008 Olympia contestant. Dexter has since retired from bodybuilding, which is why his friends book this charter. Their other friends, Jamie and her husband Terry will also join them.

Gives the Below Deck crew a fright

These guests are here for a good time. However, they’re not someone you want to cross. The Below Deck crew gets a fright upon seeing them. They’re not sure how to react to their appearance.

Their bulky appearance is going to come as a shock. It’ll be interesting to see if these guests will scare them into having a good time as well. Fans agree that this charter season has finally found its footing. The crew got rid of their issues and moved on with a positive vibe.

Watch the new episode of Below Deck Season 10 on Monday, March 13 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. Check new episodes the following day on Peacock.

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