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‘Return To Amish’ Whatever Happened To Chapel Peace?

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Return to Amish fans are wondering whatever happened to Chapel Peace. She had married Andrew Schmucker and was a featured character during Seasons 1 and 2. However, she also faced a lot of health issues and more. So, where is Chapel now, and is she okay? Read on for more details.

Return To Amish Whatever Happened To Chapel Peace?

Chapel Peace had a lot to get used to as she was an English woman marrying an ex-Amish. This was definitely a switch but she was looked at as a stabilizer for Andrew Schmucker. She was supposed to level the Return to Amish star out but then Chapel fell ill. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer after having been in remission from bone cancer. This was something that devastated her but she and Andrew were determined to get through it together.

Chapel Peace/YouTube
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Did Chapel make it out alive? Yes, she did but she was not unscathed. According to Meaww, her cancer diagnosis was questioned by many, even when she exited the series in 2016. She then went on to get in trouble for drugs. This followed her until 2018 when she was arrested for theft and drug possession. Fortunately for Chapel, she only received probation, a fine, and had to do community service plus she had to go to drug and alcohol counseling.

Chapel Peace/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Four years after exiting Return to Amish, Chapel alleged that she had cancer once again. She went as far as to set up a GoFundMe to help cover expenses and such. However, fans who were following her did not feel that she was being transparent about the whole situation. They believed that she was just trying to hide her ongoing substance issues. Ultimately, Chapel revealed that she had faked her illness and apologized to everyone but some wanted to sue her. They felt taken advantage of and for good reason.

As Of Now…

Return to Amish is entering its seventh season and there are no Schmuckers left. Mama Mary left in Season 5 and has since actually undergone cancer treatments. Yet, Chapel still maintains a social media presence. She can be found on Facebook where she is listed as married to Andrew Schmucker and is currently a line cook. In May, the couple will celebrate nine years of marriage so that is a huge accomplishment. Though we may not hear from or see her on the show anymore, she is still very much okay. More so, she appears to be in a positive mindset and that is what really matters.

Are you shocked to learn where Chapel Peace is now? Did you think she was still sick or had you assumed she had passed? Let us know and watch the season premiere of Return to Amish Tuesday on TLC.

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