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’90 Day Fiance’ Kris’ Robbed Of Motorcycle, How?

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Kris has had her motorcycle stolen from her. Yet, how and when did this happen? She seems to be quite feisty and protective. Read on for more details on this unfortunate event.

90 Day Fiance Kris’ Robbed Of Motorcycle, How?

In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, Kris Foster was seen going to a weapon shop. The 40-year-old has just moved to Colombia to be with her fiancee, Jeymi. Almost as soon as she arrived, she told Jeymi that she needed to go get a weapon as she has always carried a knife with her. In fact, she got her first one when she was eight and has a whole collection back at home. Kris maintains that this is just for safety but it freaked Jeymi out a little. This came after Kris revealed that she has narcolepsy, night terrors, and is allergic to mint.

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Now, according to Starcasm, Kris’ motorcycle has been stolen. In a new episode of The Other Way, she reveals that she may have to go back home to Arkansas. Though Kris literally just got to Colombia, she shares with her fiancee that she has been served and may need to go to court. Kris’ mother sent her this news and, of course, Jeymi is curious as to why she would have to head to court. What is Kris hiding? Apparently, her motorcycle was stolen and now she may need to be back in Arkansas to prosecute the thief.

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Kris privately explains the whole situation away from Jeymi as she spilled the beans while they were furniture shopping. Allegedly, her father had left her a rare motorcycle prior to his death so there is the emotional aspect. Then, a man broke into Kris’ garage and stole the motorcycle which was further soul-crushing. Kris’ goal was to sell this motorcycle so that she could have more funding for her and Jeymi’s life together.

The Future

Though Jeymi feels bad over everything, she is hurt that they may have to wed at a later date due to this court appearance. The 90 Day Fiance star seems deadset on them keeping everything the same. However, Kris reveals that the bike was worth 50K. Therefore, this is not something that she can just let slide. Per Kris’ Instagram, this was a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy but the outlet did some research and 50K was not the price tag.

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This bike sells for much less and ultimately, it was recovered. Kris just shared an update that the motorcycle in question was found and it is in an impound lot. More so, it has been there for two months but no one told her this information so she is even more upset. Sadly, she could not afford to get it out. It is yet to be seen if she even returned home for court or if she stayed and married Jeymi.

Let us know your thoughts on this whole debacle and if Kris is just too much work for Jeymi. Finally, watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Sundays on TLC.



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