‘Unexpected’ Emersyn Potter Reveals Future Plans For Show?

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Unexpected star Emersyn Potter is opening up about her future with the show. The hit TLC series is almost finished filming its sixth season. Furthermore, the returning cast has been released and only two alums are coming back. So, where does Emersyn stand, and what does she have to say about her future with the show? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Emersyn Potter Reveals Future Plans For Show?

When asked if she would return for Season 6, Emersyn Potter said that she was open to it. At the time, casting seemingly had yet to occur and she had not been asked if she wanted to come back. Now, it has been revealed that only Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan would be back. The rest of the cast will be newcomers and it will be much smaller than in previous years. This means that Emersyn, her boyfriend Mason, and their son, Mateo will be out.

Emersyn Potter/IG
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After the news broke, Emersyn did an “Ask me a question” segment on her Instagram. Someone asked if she was going to be in the upcoming season. Emersyn replied: “no sadly lol. We don’t have much going on atm but maybe in the future if they want me back?” So, clearly, Emersyn is open to returning under the right circumstances though she made it clear she has no plans to have any more kids in the near future. This response was shared on @tlc.unexpectedteaa and fans of the show chimed in.

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“It’s too bad that Emersyn and Mason won’t be back. I liked them and their story,” one commented. Another added: “I think they were the most normal lol (not counting their mothers).” It also seemed that fans were not happy with the choice of who was brought back. One noted that they were going to miss Tyra. However, Tyra’s sister, Tiarra had mentioned that they would not be returning a while back so this was no surprise. Yet, with Jenna and Lilly not expecting again, it is questionable why they are returning.

Wrapping It Up

Emersyn Potter answered more questions for her fans including if she is working. She shared that Mason takes very good care of her and Mateo. More so, she revealed that she would love to be an actress. Plus, she poked fun at former co-star Jason Korpi by admitting she had an epidural. However, she is not addicted to drugs as a result of it. As for the returning cast, Jenna Ronan does make sense as she has a new boyfriend who makes her very happy. Unfortunately, she is still dealing with custody issues with Aden Albright.

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Lilly is planning her wedding to Lawrence and raising two children so it might just be more of their back and forth. Either way, there will be no Emersyn for now but the door is only closed not locked. Will you miss her and her story this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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