Tom Schwartz Speaks Out, Calls Sandoval A ‘POS’

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Tom Schwartz is speaking out in the midst of his best friend, Tom Sandoval’s scandal. As many Bravo fans already know, Sandoval has been having an affair with his co-star, Raquel Leviss. This is all while he was still in a nine-year relationship with their other cast mate and Raquel’s good friend, Ariana Madix. The affair has impacted Sandoval’s life in many ways, including his businesses which Schwartz is a partner. So, how does he feel about what has transpired? Read on for more details.

Tom Schwartz Speaks Out, Calls Sandoval A ‘POS’

Prior to Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules beginning, Tom Schwartz looked like the bad guy. He had locked lips with Raquel at their cast mate, Scheana Shay’s Mexico wedding. At the beginning of the season, Scheana is seen stoking the embers to get Schwartz and Leviss to get together. In one scene, Raquel actually asks Tom if he wants to make out. This is rough because he was previously married to their other co-star, Katie Maloney. So, this was all too close to home for most fans and even the cast.

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Then, over a week ago, it came out that his best friend and business partner, Tom Sandoval was actually having an affair with Leviss. Suddenly, Schwartz did not look like such a bad guy. Then, VR alum Kristen Doute shared she had spoken with him. She discussed this on her podcast and he apparently knew about the affair for a month. More so, he encouraged Sandoval to tell his girlfriend, Ariana what was going on so as to not make it worse.

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TMZ caught up with Tom Schwartz at the airport and he said he wished that they could “be meeting under more auspicious circumstances.” He added that first, it was his divorce and now it was Scandoval. Tom was asked how Sandoval was holding up and he said he thinks he is okay. However, he believes he has a “sense of profound sadness.” He added that his BFF feels like a POS and “to some extent, maybe he is but he knows he f***ed up.”

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Tom Schwartz said that the whole thing is really sad but noted that Ariana has a really great support system. Furthermore, he hopes that she goes and lives it up. However, he has not spoken to Raquel since before this whole situation broke. When asked if he knew anything about it, he said to wait and watch the show. More so, he noted that it is all very complicated. Tom also has not talked to Scheana so he can not speak on if she actually hit Leviss or not.

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Finally, he is truly upset about the impact that it is having on their businesses. Together, the two are partners in TomTom with Lisa Vanderpump. They also co-own Schwartz and Sandy’s which has had to do major damage control since all of this went down. Hopefully, the employees won’t be punished for Sandoval’s mistake.

Are you satisfied with what Tom Schwartz had to say? Should he have said more or was there not much he could say due to his contract? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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