‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Colton Winder Lets Child, 3, Drive Tractor

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Seeking Sister Wife alum Colton Winder is letting his child, 3, drive a tractor. This might seem dangerous to some. However, Colton and his family have a farm and they are on it frequently. Therefore, getting the kids involved young seems to make a lot of sense. Now, he is sharing his adventures with the tractor. Read on for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder Lets Child, 3, Drive Tractor

Colton Winder and his family have been known for just being genuine. They came on to Seeking Sister Wife in Season 2 and some found them boring. More so, they found Colton to be strange and have little to no personality. However, by Season 3, he and his two wives, Tami and Sophie settled in more. Sophie was pregnant and they were all living in one home together. This would be the second child as Tami and Colton already had a daughter, Sadie. By Season 4, they were not on the roster and fans were upset.

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The Winders understood why they were not invited back for Season 4 but were committed to keeping their fans in the loop. Sophie welcomed her second child, a girl and Tami was undergoing fertility treatments. More so, they were not really scandalous polygamists. They have continued to share their journey and, on Christmas, the Seeking Sister Wife alums shared Tami was expecting. Then, sadly, they revealed that Sophie had experienced a miscarriage. Still, they have continued to carry on as a family.


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Recently, Colton Winder took to Instagram to share that he took his son Ephraim, 3, on a tractor. He showed his son on his lap helping to steer the tractor. Alongside that, he had the caption: “When your three year old son asks you to go for a ride in the tractor, you take him for a ride in the tractor.” Fans thought it was absolutely adorable. “Cuteness overload. The size of him and the little baby hands!😍 You’re a great dad.👏👏,”one wrote. They also gushed over his cute little bedhead.

Moving On & Up

Colton Winder and his family were very grateful that they were able to share their story on the show. Additionally, viewers got to see them attempt to court a third wife. They started doing this in their first season but they were more focused on coming out as polygamists. Then, in Season 3, they were courting a woman named Kimberley. Though the wives really liked her a lot, Colton did not feel a spark. He was not about to fake something just to keep them relevant. This could be part of the reason why they were not brought back as they were a completely organic family.

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Tami and Sophie still keep fans updated with their own podcast. More so, the whole family is very active on social media, showing their adventures as a family of soon-to-be seven. Do you enjoy seeing Colton Winder and his family living their daily lives? Furthermore, what do you think of him and his son driving the tractor? Let us know in the comments below.

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