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Does ‘Survivor’ Have A Returnee Season Coming?

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Nick Davis

The new era of Survivor has had exclusively new players from Seasons 41 to now 44. That’s far from a bad thing. Prior to this current era, some fans were complaining that we had too many returnee seasons. The ultimate culmination of all of that was Season 40, Survivor: Winners At War. Ever since nary a winner or any other returning player has been seen. But that could all be changing soon. Let’s talk about the hints around a returnee season possibly coming up and who may be coming back.

Return To Survivor

One of the best pieces of evidence we have for an upcoming returnee season is the invitation for Bruce to return coming directly from Probst himself. Bruce had to leave the very first episode of Season 44 due to a concussion and subsequent medical evacuation. Shortly after that episode, Jeff Probst gave confirmation on his podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst that Bruce does have an official invitation to return.

Bruce, the first contestant to leave 'Survivor' Season 44
Bruce, the first contestant to leave ‘Survivor’ Season 44

Jeff didn’t say exactly when Bruce could return, he said there are no concrete plans as of right now. But it does bode well for a returnee season coming in the future.

Some fans have also been speculating about both Parvati and Sandra making a return to Survivor after a very public social media beef. The two were exchanging blows on Instagram not long ago about the seasons when they played together. Some have been wondering if it isn’t all publicity for an upcoming returnee season featuring the two. At the moment, that’s solely a rumor with little more evidence behind it. But it goes without saying that fans would be thrilled to see the two play again.

As of right now, there isn’t any official information about Season 45 or Season 46. The two seasons will likely film back-to-back again sometime this summer. The first details we’ll be getting about 45 will of course come at the end of Season 44. So if there is a returnee season in the very near future, that’s when we’ll know for sure.

The New Era

Survivor Winners At War
‘Survivor: Winners At War’

This new era of Survivor is rife with promising players that fans would love to see make a return. Many believe players like Jenny Kim and Sydney Segal deserve second chances after endings that many perceive as unfair. Then there are players like Shan Smith, Omar Zaheer, and Jesse Lopez whose game abilities and charisma should easily earn them another chance at the million dollars. There’s no guarantee that any of these players will return, and definitely no confirmation from Jeff as of right now. But they’re definitely names that fans would love to see return one day. Potentially in the unofficial Season 45/46 slate.

New episodes of Survivor Season 44 are premiering every Wednesday.

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