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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Disgusted Over Chris Combs’ Comments

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans are not too thrilled with Chris Combs right now. Though they have seemingly always liked him and how hard he works to stay in shape, he can be harsh. In a recent episode, viewers noticed that Chris was making disgusting comments that didn’t sit well. What did he say and who was it aimed at? Read on for more details.

1000-Lb. Sisters Fans Disgusted Over Chris Combs’ Comments

Chris Combs has been a standout on the TLC show. His drive and dedication to his weight loss journey have been completely admirable. More so, he is always there for his sisters, Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton. When they went to visit Tammy at rehab, he cooked a bunch of her favorite foods. Furthermore, he helped Amy and her sons plant a vegetable garden, even making Amy’s favorite meal of gator prior to giving birth. However, he made some comments in the latest episode that has fans quite disgusted by him.

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According to The Sun, fans were not happy when Chris Combs repeatedly called Tammy a b*tch in Tuesday’s episode. It started when she got an infection in her trach right as Chris and his wife, Brittany were on their way to get her. When she could not be released, she was relentless thus leading him to call her a b*tch. He then referred to her by that again saying if she had the same drive to come home on a diet when she was younger, they would not be here today. Viewers took to Reddit to express their frustration over Combs throwing around the B word like it was nothing.

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The thread started: “anyone else feel it was borderline abusive/sexist the way he kept calling her a b*tch? he said it so many times, i lost count…. i don’t think he meant any harm but it really put me off the way he was talking to/about tammy in this episode.” Another added: “All of them call each other “b*tch” but I find it so rude and not playful after awhile.” Some said that it was just a sibling thing and that this is how they speak to each other on a regular basis.

Amy Was Not Happy With Tammy Either

There was one episode where Tammy’s attitude was so bad that her sister, Amy Halterman said she needed a “b*tchorcism.” So, she falls in line with the way that Chris Combs speaks. They have struggled to help Tammy for quite some time and now, she has had her surgery and she was ready to break free. Clearly, she was upset that she was going to be stuck at the rehab for a little more time so she could heal. Plus, her siblings could not care for her the way that was medically necessary.

Do you think Chris Combs’ comments were sexist or just a playful brother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. calm tf down that’s his family. He would die for them. It’s how brothers and sisters talk to each other.

  2. The word is thrown around like its nothing. they answer phones, doors and basically use it a friendly greeting. so now its wrong?

  3. They say that about each other a lot on the show and that bothers me so much….then they say that to each other. But after watching the show long enough, you will notice it’s a brother and sister thing in their family and it doesn’t bother the other person. I don’t take that as He’s being mean, it’s just the way they are to each other .

    1. I don’t like it either, I don’t care how close they may be, I would be offended if my brother or sister called me that, almost like saying “how you doing today”

  4. Hey, I guess all these thin skinned snowflakes need to go clutch their pearls harder. Tammy IS A BITCH. Chris calls it out as it is. Build a bridge and get over it.

  5. Bi$&h is a word they all use very frequently. No need to be upset or angry with Chris. He uses it less than they do. Tammy uses it more than anyone. Leave him alone!

  6. It’s just the way the talk to each other, heck me and my best friend always called each other b*tch , even when I came out of Surgery for breast cancer her first words were hey bitch, how the hell are you feeling? At felt relief knowing she wasn’t going to treat me like I was different! so get a grip!

  7. no considering they all call each other bitch it’s just every other word so don’t agree he was being mean or hurtfull he does so much for his sisters – give him some slack – any is always using the word bitch

  8. To me yes but that’s the way their family is. It is getting to be excessive. I never would think to call any of my family members that word in any context. If that’s how they are.. they are.

  9. They all call each other b’s. Do I like it no but it’s reality people and you can turn off your tv or change to another show. 🤣

  10. Maybe if you’ve lived through all the times they tried to stand behind and motivate her and listen to her whine instead of doing something about her situation you’d not be so kind at times either. People only have so much patience. That doesn’t mean they don’t love her, it’s frustration.

    I also agree with other’s comments. The sisters can be joking around and they call each other the “B” word.

  11. Yes, it’s how they communicate with each other, but it would be nice if they could tone it down some, it does get annoying after awhile.

  12. I don’t see it as any different in how they all talk to one another. Tammy’s behavior is & always has been horrible. I don’t know how they put up with her. If she doesn’t get her way, she behaves like a spoiled, belligerent child. She acts as if the world revolves around her & everyone should drop everything in their own lives to accommodate her. She needs to grow up.

  13. All these people in here need to stop acting like bitches and grow tfu!! that’s how they talk to each other.

    1. They have all been throwing the bitch word around since the first show…I hate it but I just thought
      it was the KY way of showing affection..

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