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Why Jess Girod Felt Zach Shallcross Misunderstood Her

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Jess Girod feels misunderstood by Zach Shallcross after her exit from The Bachelor. As we reported, she felt validated by Zach about their relationship until he broke up with her. When she felt validated but didn’t get a solo date with him, she started to get into her head. She asked herself “what am I missing” when she kept not getting the solo date.

When she confronted him about it once again, he validated her, at first. He said he didn’t understand the one-on-one being so important. She tried telling him a one-on-0ne is a whole day with him alone so it was a big deal. Zach seemed to get more frustrated and told her that after the conversation. More so, he wasn’t feeling as confident about them anymore. Jess told him she wouldn’t fight for him or beg him to love her and she left. On a recent visit to Click Bait with Joe Amabile and his guest host Kelley Flanagan, she said watching it again, she feels just as misunderstood as she did having the conversation.

Jess Girod Felt Even More Misunderstood

Jess Girod said watching the conversation back, she feels like they were not on the same page about what a one-on-one meant. According to Bachelor Nation, she said, “when you’re in an environment where other women are going on dates with Zach and come back even stronger in their relationship with him, it’s hard.” She went on to say she felt hopeful going into Estonia she would get that solo date and she didn’t.

Jess Girod, Instagram
Jess Girod, Instagram

Looking back she says maybe she could have explained herself better, but she was upset and nervous so things didn’t go well. She said being confused about how he felt she, “wasn’t able to articulate myself in the best way.”

Joe Tried To Get Into Zach’s Head For Her

When Jess Girod shared she thought they didn’t think the solo date meant the same thing, Joe tried to help put things into perspective. Joe wondered if he got into his head about what a solo date meant and was worried she wanted more air time. Jess responded she isn’t sure but hopes he knew her character enough not to think that. She said she stayed out of drama and was barely at the forefront of things.

Jess Girod, Instagram
Jess Girod, Instagram

Furthermore, Jess shared that during that conversation, she felt like she was talking to a wall. She wanted quality time and she thinks he was confused about what she was trying to say. Now she’s moving on and Zach is still on that journey on screen. She said if he truly was for her, he would have taken the time to understand her.

What do you think about their breakup? Do you think they just weren’t doing a good job of communicating? Comment with your thoughts below.



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