What Happened To Savannah Chrisley’s Dog?

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Chrisley Knows Best fans watching old episodes of the reality TV series are wondering what happened to Savannah’s dog. According to chatter on Reddit, Savannah was the proud owner of an adorable dog during Season 4 of the series.

The dog, however, seemingly disappeared later on in the show with no real explanation about what happened or where it went. Moreover, Savannah has made it pretty clear recently on Instagram that she doesn’t have a dog, but does want one. Her father, however, was pretty quick to shut the idea down. So, where did this mysterious dog go? Fans dug into it.

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Where did Savannah Chrisley’s dog go?

Fans on Reddit confirm Savannah Chrisley did have a dog during Season 4 of the series. The fan penned as they tried to describe the puppy to other individuals on Reddit, “This pup reminded me of a puppy golden doodle or something like that? But I could be wrong too!”

Some fans speculated the dog might’ve been Miley who the family gave to Nanny Faye. Other fans, however, chimed in to insist that was two different dogs.

At best, fans speculated the dog was likely just a prop for the show as a puppy was a cute addition to any storyline. These same fans pointed out that, with the exception of Nanny Faye, most of the Chrisley family simply aren’t pet people.

Chase Chrisley, however, has also become an exception recently as he and his fiance Emmy Medders do have a few dogs together. Fans, however, point out that Emmy helping care for the dogs is likely why that has worked out well.

Fake for the show?

One fan joked the dog was likely just a “paid actor” for that season of the series. This fan proceeded to point out that Todd has shut down Chloe wanting to get a dog on the show. Likewise, Todd has made it painfully clear he is pretty uncomfortable around animals. Moreover, Todd has also shut down Savannah getting a dog claiming she was too selfish to have a dog as she would go out for a hair appointment and forget to feed the dog.

One fan penned: “I’m sure that was a prop for the show. The Chrisleys don’t strike me as ppl who care about others besides themselves.”

Another chimed in: “I recently saw an episode where Chloe wanted a pet but Todd was totally against it. Several family members stated more than once that ‘The Chrisleys are NOT pet people.’They made it quite clear they wanted nothing to do with taking care of an animal. They ended up getting her a turtle.”

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As fans know, Chloe has already tried hitting Savannah up for a dog with Todd behind bars. And, fans wonder if Savannah might give in to Chloe with Todd not in the picture.

Do you remember this dog from Season 4? What do you think happened to it? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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