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Tainted ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Marcus Epps Seeks Re-Election

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Tainted Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps is seeking re-election. He has been a Euclid City Council member since 2019. However, his past has resurfaced and it has been quite shady. Not to mention the fact that he has been open about his polygamist lifestyle. So, what is his pitch this time? Read on for more details.

Tainted Seeking Sister Wife Star Marcus Epps Seeks Re-Election

Season 4 Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps is seeking City Council re-election. This may come as a surprise to those who have followed him and his family for a bevy of reasons. Prior to him starting on the TLC series, his past came back to haunt him. This made fans of the show call for him to be removed from the show. Marcus’ past included housing violations. Apparently, half of the duplex he owned went up in flames. It ultimately caused issues for the person who lived in the other half with complaints of bad smells coming from the burnt side along with rodents.

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Epps tried to say that he was being unfairly targeted but there was more. There was also a shooting at an underground club that he and his wife, Taryn owned. Sadly, one person died from their injuries. Finally, there were back taxes to the tune of 12K as Marcus Epps had not paid up since 2019. Despite all of this and his family appearing as polygamists, he is still seeking re-election, per Starcasm. “I am proud to announce that I have decided to fight for my city of Euclid, Ohio for 4 MORE YEARS!” he shared on Instagram.

He went on to say: “I was ready to walk away and resign, but the fix is in! What type of man, American, father or role model would I be if I walked away leaving folks to destruction? I just can’t do it. Euclid deserves a fighting chance and as of today, that is still possible. I am running to give this city what it’s been longing for and that’s true leadership that prioritizes people over politics. Euclid, Councilman Epps is here and here to stay!!!!!!!!!! Official announcement coming soon….#fightingforthefolks #euclidohio #polyfam #normalfamily #peoplefirst.”

Is He Even A Resident?

Marcus Epps’ residency has come into question. His family spends most of their time in their Florida home so how can he run for council in Ohio? It does not matter because it seems that he is determined to do so. There have been more scandal that has come his way even after filming ended. His family welcomed in Christeline Petersen who was married to Dimitri Snowden from the first three seasons of Seeking Sister Wife.

Christeline Petersen/Instagran
[Christeline- Credit: Instagram]
However, she chose to end the marriage after claims of physical abuse by both Dimitri and his wife, Ashley. They were let go from the show and Christeline went into hiding. Now, she may or may not still be with the Epps family which includes Marcus, Taryn, and his fiancee, India. After all of this, do you think that Marcus Epps should seek re-election? More so, do you think he will win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Since he been in office our ward has went down this man too busy running the streets instead of his position the previous one was way better at least she showed and care about the residents in her ward

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