‘Sister Wives’ Fans Compare Maddie Brush To ‘Stank Face’, Why?

Maddie Brush - Instagram

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush was humbled real quick by fans after posting her daughter Josephine Lee’s “stank face” on her Instagram Stories recently. What exactly was baby Joey’s “stank face” and how did this moment become humbling for Maddie? Keep reading for the details and scroll down to see a photo of the precious infant’s “stank face.” 

Maddie Brown Brush humbled by Joey’s stank face

Maddie Brown Brush shared an absolutely adorable photo of her daughter Joey. Referring to it as her “stank face” she jested that baby Joey was just never that impressed with her mother. The photo featured Josephine Lee decked out in all yellow. Her nose was scrunched up and her eyes were narrowed as she appeared to be glaring at her mother.

Maddie later posted a video on her Stories because so many of her followers responded to this particular photo gushing about how much her daughter Joey looked like her mother.

maddie brush instagram

Maddie Brown Brush proceeded to clarify that there was no disagreement about her daughter being a beautiful baby. She, however, was feeling a bit humbled at this “stank face” photo was the moment that fans decided her daughter was looking a lot like her.

Maddie Brown Brush found the comparison to be a bit baffling as she really didn’t think she had a resting stank face. She proceeded to question if this comparison meant her followers thought she was always glaring at them. Does Maddie have a natural stank face she doesn’t know about?

Maddie Brown Brush - Instagram
Maddie Brown Brush – Instagram

Sister Wives fans don’t really like Maddie right now

Unfortunately for Maddie, fans claiming she has a resting stank face tracks with the current mood around her. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported fans have been pretty disgusted with her as of late. They didn’t like that she promoted Plexus throughout her entire pregnancy because it sent the message that it was safe to take while pregnant. Yet, there has never been any concrete information to suggest that is true. In fact, the product itself encourages pregnant women to contact their doctor before taking the product.

So, fans comparing Maddie to Joey’s stank face may not be coming from a place of love right now.

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Do you agree that Josephine Lee looks a lot like her mother Maddie Brush? Should Maddie be offended that fans drew this connection after seeing Joey’s stank face? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more SW news.

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