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‘MBFFL’ Whitney Way Thore Reveals Fate Of Season 11

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Season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) aired its Season Finale in October of last year and fans have been wondering whether the TLC series would return for Season 11. Would fans get to enjoy more new episodes of Whitney Way Thore and her loved ones?

The hearts of fans SANK when a fan started popping up in the comments of Whitney Way Thore’s recent Instagram post to claim the show had not been renewed for another season just yet. Some fans, however, fed into this claim speculating that maybe Whitney and her loved ones decided to walk away from the show after her mother Babs passed away.

Has MBFFL been renewed for Season 11 or is Whitney considering cutting ties with TLC? Keep reading for the details!

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC

MBFFL Season 11: Renewed or Cancelled?

Fans of MBFFL have mixed feelings on whether they want the show to come back for Season 11. Naturally, there are tons of people who love Whitney and want nothing more than another season of the series. After all, the TLC series didn’t successfully run for 10 seasons without some sort of fan base. There are fans on Reddit, however, that take issue with the fact that Whitney really doesn’t seem to be super focused on losing weight right now. And, they question if the show is even about weight loss anymore.

Moreover, a lot of fans really loved Babs and they aren’t sure they want to continue watching the show knowing she passed away.

On Whitney’s recent Instagram post, one fan asked if the show would be returning for another season. Someone responded to the comment noting the show had not been renewed. This response caused several dozen other people to respond to this comment.

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

The individual who claimed the show had not been renewed was ripped to shreds by other fans who accused the individual of trying to “get a rise” out of people. These other fans proceeded to explain that Whitney had previously confirmed in her Stories that MBFFL was renewed for Season 11. In fact, the TLC personality also confirmed they started filming the new season about a month prior.

So, fans who enjoy watching Whitney Way Thore on TLC can take comfort in knowing MBFFL was renewed for Season 11. Fans are hopeful this means the series could end up being part of the summer/fall lineup.


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  1. Absolutely this is such a nice down to earth show. I will miss her mom so bad, but I believe she helps a lot of people.

  2. i am sorry for your loss. i love your mom on the show. i like how your was all were are for every other.tracey webb

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