Heather Dubrow Denies Using Trans Son, 12, To Create Storyline

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Heather Dubrow is vehemently denying that she is using her son’s transition for a storyline. The RHOC star shared the news the other day that her son, Ace was trans at just twelve years old. However, some people believed that she broke this as a way to keep her name in the press. Now, she is setting the record straight. Read on for more details.

Heather Dubrow Denies Using Trans Son, 12, To Create Storyline

The other day, Heather Dubrow was celebrating son’s day. She shared a post on her social media and announced that her youngest child was trans. This is no big shock for this family as they have celebrated their diversity for some time now. Heather’s eldest daughter, Max is bisexual while her third child, Katarina is a lesbian. So, she is such a supportive mother to all four of her children. She got a lot of support from her fellow Bravo community. Even RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel shared a TikTok of her daughter, Bryn playing with Ace in Aspen.

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Unfortunately, some feel that Heather is using Ace rather than truly embracing him. According to Us Weekly, she felt the need to speak out on her latest podcast. “I saw [people commenting that] talking about my son was [a way] to remain relevant or to create a story line on a show. Neither of these things are true. They are the farthest thing from the truth,” she shared. More so, Heather Dubrow explained why she addressed his transition in the first place.

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“It’s really all about protecting my kids … physically and emotionally. It became apparent we needed to say something. What our goal was is to acknowledge who our incredible son is and show how much we love and support our child.” Previously, she and her husband, Terry Dubrow had noted that people were commenting on Ace’s dress. They wanted to know why he was dressing like a boy. As far as the Dubrows were concerned, it was just clothing and he was allowed to experiment.

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Heather Dubrow has always been very protective of her children but very open, as well. When her daughter, Max came out as bisexual, she was right there cheering her on. More so, she created such a welcoming environment, that it made it easy for Kat to come out and talk about it on television. Fans have watched the children grow up before their very eyes. Even when Heather was off of the RHOC, she kept viewers posted via social media. Now, Heather is making it clear that this is not a storyline but rather a vital part of her family and their lives.

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