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Chelsea Houska Called Out As Fans Feel Scammed

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Fans are disappointed and it shows. Chelsea Houska (aka Chelsea DeBoer) is trying to sell useless merchandise to fans, according to All About The Tea. Chelsea Houska was called out for selling overpriced products. At this time, the fans are feeling scammed. As a result, there has been a large reaction to the Teen Mom alum’s business practices.

Affordable Home Goods

Life & Style helped announce Chelsea Houska’s Aubree Says decor line in 2021 with an exclusive report. She told them about her new “high quality” and “affordable” line of home goods. However, now, that does not seem to be what the reviews are reflecting. Fans are jumping on social media and telling their experiences with the products Chelsa Houska is currently selling. There is a span of criticism coming out. Some fans are saying the quality is very poor, they are cheaply made, and the merchandise is falling apart. The worst part is that fans want to support her but are completely disappointed in the price and quality.


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Shady Business

All About The Tea gives some insight that this may not have been Chelsea Houska’s first time to conduct “shady” business. The article talks about Chelsea Houska receiving multiple warnings from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2016 and 2017. Also to illustrate, TV Shows Ace reported on Chelsea Houska’s $4M Lawsuit that was delayed in December of 2022. Although there have been these reports, In Touch talks about Chelsea Houska’s recent relaunch of the Aubree Says line. In addition, the article talks about Chelsea’s big goals, “I wanted stuff that I would be like, ‘OK, I definitely could see that in my house,’” she explains, adding that the quality of the pieces needed to match the vibe. “This has to be perfect.”

Disgruntled Customers

Undeniably, some customer reviews are expressing disapproval. One customer said, “I have bought this shirt twice and BOTH times it has gotten stuck to itself in the dryer. I LOVE this shirt but I’m SUPER angry that this product does this. There were no special care instructions with either shirt. I don’t understand. My daughter has worked in screen printing and has never seen this before.” All About The Tea reported about the backlash from these fans who feel scammed. Another review declared, “I did not try this on. I pulled it out of the bag and the material was thin, looked cheap, and not at all what I expected. I returned to Amazon.”

Chelsea Houska’s Customer Service Response

Surprisingly, the Down Home Fab star has not addressed these complaints yet. Instead, In Touch reports Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole Deboer are “building an empire” by relaunching a home decor line. That seems to be part of the rub with fans. Many are choosing to take their business to more reputable vendors. Life & Style says, “After two years in business, the South Dakota native decided it was time to revamp as she was looking to curate a “more higher end” and “chic” collection to fit her self-described South Dakota Glam style.” Hopefully, this relaunch will prove to be the quality upgrade that fans were expecting.

Despite the flare of comments, what is your opinion? Does the quality of Chelsea Houska’s merchandise meet your expectations? Or do her products need an upgrade? Some fans are still waiting for a response.

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