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‘Return To Amish’ Season 7: Where’s Mama Mary Schmucker?

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Return to Amish Season 7 begins next week but fans want to know where Mama Mary Schmucker is. There are many familiar faces coming back. However, she is not one of them despite being very close to Jeremiah Raber. So, where is Mama Mary? Read on for more details.

Return To Amish Season 7: Where’s Mama Mary Schmucker?

Mama Mary Schmucker left Return to Amish in Season 5. It was a hard decision for her as she had become the matriarch of the group. She was an ally for those who did not have their family to lean on. However, she wanted to find her way back to the church so she could be with her husband. Therefore, she left the series and was replaced by Grandma Ada Byler. Fans have long hoped that Mary would come back to the show but she was not seen in the Season 7 promo.

Mary Schmucker/IG
[Mary and Rebecca Schmucker- Credit: Instagram]
According to Starcasm, Mary explained why she would not be back via her Instagram. She was doing a live on Instagram and a fan wanted to know if she would be back. “No I’m not in the show. I’m done. Done. I’ve been done with the show for six years,” Mary responded. She continued to share that a big part of her leaving was lies. “Why would you want to work for somebody that lies to you, right? They’ve lied to us so many times, why would I want to do the show? Yep. They lie through their teeth.”

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Apparently, they promised her son, Abe a car and never delivered. More so, they said that Mary would be getting her own cooking show and that never came to fruition. Finally, TLC said she would get a finder’s fee for gathering fresh blood but again, she never saw a penny. Then again, there was a time when Mary claimed she left the series due to being underpaid. So, was the storyline about leaving for her husband all just a cover for how she really felt?

Personal Struggles

In her own life, the Return to Amish alum has faced a lot of struggles. She was raced to the ICU in November of 2021 which scared fans to the core. It was then revealed that Mary had colon cancer but she was uncertain about chemotherapy. She discovered that the cancer had spread to her glands and did undergo surgery. Even though she was not a fan, Mamy Mary did get chemo but her body struggled with it. They did find an alternative and it has helped a lot so there is much more hope for recovery. With all that TLC put her through and her health, it’s best that she sticks in the background.

Will you miss Mama Mary on Return to Amish? Let us know and watch the Season 7 premiere March 14th on TLC.

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  1. i miss everyone from the show except the two that are still on there can’t stand Jeremiah or Sabrina. he’s controlling and sabrina is a druggy who wouldn’t stop for her kids supposedly got clean and had two more kids plus she’s a bitch. i loved mary but of course is a “reality” show. i hate tlc lied tp the family

  2. According to Mary, TLC lied to her over multiple things. I’m sure this is true. Mary didn’t seem to lie.
    I read each person only received $1,000/per episode. Is that because TLC took advantage of them because they cared more about exploiting these people?
    Most TLC shows are about mean people.
    That’s TLC’s way.

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