‘Below Deck’: How Does Ben Willoughby Know Leigh-Ann Smith?

Ben Willoughby & Leigh-Ann Smith

Below Deck deckhand Ben Willoughby ended up in a love triangle of his own. It turns out that boatswain Ross McHarg isn’t the only man that women want. Leigh-Ann Smith wants Ben even though he’s involved with Camille Lamb. Keep on reading to see how these two know each other and if they’re dating.

Ben Willoughby & Leigh-Ann’s history

Below Deck fans want to know if Ben Willoughby and Leigh-Ann Smith end up dating. The two already share a history with one another. On Monday’s episode of the #1 Bravo series, viewers found out that the two conversed on social media. Ben and Leigh-Ann matched on Tinder and conversed from there.

Ben Willoughby & Camille Lamb [Source: Ben Willoughby - Instagram]
[Source: Ben Willoughby – Instagram]
In his confessional, Ben admitted that he has many NSFW photos of the new stew. They have exchanged their share of racy messages. At one point, Leigh-Ann and Ben exchanged explicit photos. Leigh-Ann admitted they used to talk a lot on Instagram, but they never met in person until their time together on Below Deck.

Her arrival aboard St. David was the first time she met Ben. Before Leigh-Ann came along, Ben had a boatmance with Camille Lamb. Captain Sandy Yawn fired her earlier in the season for her behavior. Camille had a lazy work ethic and would drink on the job.

She felt a connection with Ben, and the two pursued a relationship. Ben and Camille have been keeping in touch ever since. Prior to Leigh-Ann’s arrival, Ben told Camille that he missed her. However, he started brushing her off once he got to know Leigh-Ann.

Camille Lamb & Ben Willoughby On Date [Source: Ben Willoughby - Instagram]
[Source: Ben Willoughby – Instagram]
During Monday’s episode of Below Deck, the newbie wanted to know the hook-up situation on board. Ben told her that “two stews” were fired. Leigh-Ann asked him if he was hooked up with “one” of them. He responded with an “Mhmm!” while fellow deckhand Katie Glaser chimed in with an “Mhmm!”

Leigh-Ann is still confident that she can win over Ben. She doesn’t care if he’s involved with Camille. She admitted in her confessional that she was still interested in him. Leigh-Ann can tell there’s chemistry between them.

Below Deck Season 10: Who does Ben end up with?

This new love triangle will play out in the remaining episodes of Below Deck. The two have already started flirting with one another. Leigh-Ann and Ben take advantage of the night shift by going over their steamy DMs with one another. Things will heat up during the next crew outing.

Leigh Ann Smith Shows Off Tats [Source: Leigh-Ann Smith - Instagram]
[Source: Leigh-Ann Smith – Instagram]
Leigh-Ann wants to do a sexy dance for him. Ben still has a trip planned to see Camille in the Dominican Republic after the season ends. Does he end up pursuing Leigh-Ann instead? According to the previews, it looks like the two end up kissing. Below Deck fans will have to see who Ben chooses in the end.

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