Why Isn’t ‘I Am Jazz’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t I Am Jazz on tonight? Fans may have been shocked or upset when they checked their guides and a new episode was not on. So, what is the exact reason, and when will it return? Read on for more details.

Why Isn’t I Am Jazz On Tonight?

I Am Jazz just had an amazing and eye-opening season. Jazz Jennings broke out of her shell and started to date again. She wanted to see what was out there now that she is back at Harvard University. However, living like a typical student when you are a publicly know transgender person is not so easy. She had gained some weight which was one struggle but then she tried to unify the school. Yet, this proved harder than she initially anticipated.

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In the last episode of Season 8, Jazz shared with her mother that she was receiving death threats. She could not comprehend how someone would want to kill her just for who she was. More so, this was something that trickled into her dating life. There were some who just wanted to chastise her for attempting to find love. Her mother tried to be a calming influence but is still scared for her daughter. Whoever wants to hurt Jazz knows where she lives and where she goes to school.

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As for what is next for I Am Jazz, that is yet to be seen and might not be seen for a while. Last week’s episode was the season finale and it is unclear if it has been renewed for Season 9. However, if it has, it may be another year before it shows up again. The Season 7 finale was in February 2022 so it may not come back until early 2024. So, what is taking its place? A new season of Return to Amish. Yes, the cast is back with some new faces and a new season for fans to look forward to.

Return To Amish Is Back For Season 7

After a long hiatus, the hit series is back for another round. Taped in the middle of 2021, a lot has changed since filming. However, fans will be excited to see Jeremiah Raber, Sabrina Burkholder, Grandma Ada, Maureen Byler, and Rosanna Miller. Once again, Sabrina is pregnant and they all head to Florida. Jeremiah and Carmela want a baby but have a lot of personal struggles while Rosanna’s boyfriend, Johnny joins the cast.

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There are three newbies, Fannie, Kenneth, and Daniel who want to explore life outside of the Amish. Yet, will it be too much for them? Who will stay and who will go? Tonight looks to be a recap of what has happened in the last season as the actual season begins March 14th. Are you excited for Return to Amish? More so, will you miss I Am Jazz and do you hope it comes back? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Please have Jazz Jennings come back to TLC for the summer of 2023!!! I love her and think she’s so brave band so sweet!!

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