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Tammy Slaton Willingham Transformation Spin-Off?

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans are calling on TLC to consider a spin-off. What exactly do fans think should be the focal point of the spin-off? And, is this something TLC would ever consider doing? Keep reading for the scoop.

1000-Lb. Sisters call on TLC for a spin-off

It goes without saying that shows focused on weight loss (and struggling with weight loss) have been a huge focus on the TLC network. While some TLC viewers are frustrated with this focus and want to get back to watching wholesome families like the OutDaughtered Busby family, the numbers don’t lie. And, viewers are obsessed with getting a look at what life is like for someone who struggles with their weight.

On Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters, fans have gotten to go inside Tammy Slaton’s rehab center and get a look around. Fans get to see brief looks at the fact that there is a whole facility of people who are struggling with things similar to Tammy. Fans even learned that Tammy’s husband Caleb had been in the facility for even longer than she had.

Tammy Slaton Caleb Willingham 1000-Lb. Sisters YouTube

Turns out, fans feel a bit teased and cheated by the brief look inside the rehab facility. And, they want TLC to consider a spin-off focused on what happens inside this type of facility. Fans want to follow the journies of more than just Tammy. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans want to hear the stories of some of the other people who ended up in this type of facility. And, fans want to see more individuals like Tammy successfully turn their lives around.

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Is this something the network would consider?

As fans saw, Too Large resulted in a spin-off called 1000-Lb. Best Friends. So, TLC is not opposed to spin-offs branching off a successful show about weight loss. This particular area of entertainment seems to work for the network. There, however, may be some issues with TLC landing this type of show. For starters, TLC would have to get consent from everyone inside the facility to do a spin-off focused on the patients inside the rehab facility. Some fans speculate whether everyone in this facility would be mentally capable of consenting to being filmed.

Tammy Slaton Caleb Willingham 1000-Lb. Sisters YouTube

One fan noted that it wouldn’t be the first time this type of show happened before referencing a show called Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic that followed a similar concept.

Would you watch a 1000-Lb. Sisters spin-off? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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