Angie Harmon Reveals News On Lifetime ‘Buried In Barstow’ Sequel

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Nearly a year ago, Lifetime premiered Buried In Barstow. This movie stars Rizzoli & Isles alum Angie Harmon, and Hallmark fan-favorite Kristoffer Polaha.

Viewers fell in love with Hazel King and how she would do anything to protect her daughter! Most of all, there were a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the first movie. When will fans finally get some resolution?

Will There Be A Buried In Barstow Sequel?

Speaking to Charlotte Magazine, Angie Harmon revealed what is next for her movie series. Turns out, A&E is taking this golden kernel of a mama bear story and shopping other places to turn Buried In Barstow into a series. Moreover, Angie Harmon will continue to star and produce this new project.

More so, for the past year, they have been working on the script to turn this into a series.

Lifetime, who is a subsidiary of A&E will not be airing this series. Instead, it will be shopped to streamers like Peacock, Netflix, or Hulu.

Buried in Barstow stars Kristoffer Polaha and Angie Harmon-
Buried in Barstow stars Kristoffer Polaha and Angie Harmon-

Will Kristoffer Polaha Be Back For The Buried In Barstow Series?

One question fans may ask is that when this series is sold, will Kristoffer Polaha be back? We don’t have an answer to that. Yet, we do know that he signed a four-picture contract with Lifetime.

If and when this series is picked up by a streamer, there will be a new contract for each member of the cast. The only confirmed return is Angie Harmon.

However, when TV Shows Ace interviewed the Mystery 101 star, he did have some pretty wonderful things to say about Buried In Barstow.

Barstow was an awesome movie, Angie Harmon is an awesome actress and she played an unbelievably likable badass that a lot of people connected with. Every mother knows what it feels like to become a Mama Bear or a Mama Lion and wants to protect their family. Don’t mess with Mama!

And Howie Deutch did a masterful job directing it for a global audience. It was lightning in a bottle and this is not the last folks will see of Hazel King or the people in her world. 

Whether Polaha, director Howard Deutch, or any of the other cast and crew of this fabulous movie return will likely be up to who picks up the series, and schedules. A series takes much longer to film than it did to film the OG.

Angie Harmon Movie Viewership Was First For Lifetime

One interesting piece of information that should help get this new series sold is that Buried In Barstow had around 1.5 million viewers watching the premiere. This is better than most of Lifetime’s Christmas movies.

Moreover, this Angie Harmon-led movie brought more male viewers to Lifetime than any other show. This could be the biggest selling point to a big streamer.

Are you looking forward to a Buried In Barstow series? What do you think is necessary to make this movie into a series?


Georgia Makitalo


  1. You must have loved working with Bruce McGill again!

    Can’t wait to see this as a series, you’ve been off too long.

    1. Why don’t you leave it on the network where it started? Stay with your fans and stay where they know where you are and don’t have to go tracking you down!

  2. BIG mistake leaving Lifetime for a pay service that viewers may or may not have! I particularly do not have them, and have been awaiting BIB with bated breath. It kills me that they are moving it to a pay service. I am boycotting Netflix because of its Leftist racist views against anyone but AA people as evidenced by Chris Rock’s “Tamborine”. And you only have to view the rest of their lineup to see that they truly do lean Left. Sad that corporates do not stay in their lane. Instead they would rather insult their base, so that’s why we leave in droves. Please stay at Lifetime! Pretty soon, I may just pull the plug altogether and go back to reading only. What a sad outlook for someone who loves this dynamic on the screen. Que sera, sera!

    1. I agree……being a senior on limited funds I can’t afford….I love seeing Angie on Rizzoli and Isles reruns…looking forward to more Angie….

      1. Yes please bring it back on Lifetime paying for cable is too much for me to pay for something else just to watch a movie.

      2. I love Angie Harmon. She can do real intense characters, humor, loving emotions, being goofy and smart and of course beautiful. I really want to see her again in “Buried in Barstow” but on a channel I can afford to get on limited income. Most of us will be a loyal audience so please keep us in mind.

      3. I’m on a fixed budget and cut the cord with any cable or satellite tv provider! Best thing I ever did! Currently I have Hulu for $7.99 a month, Prime Video comes with my prime membership for $5.99 per month for low income people, FrndlyTv for $8.99 a month for 2 devices which has 41 channels including Lifetime and LMN, and Peacock for $4.99 a month. So with all the services I can basically watch anything I want to watch and pay less than $30 per month!

    2. Ditto. I am retired and paying for satellite TV is bad enough. I can’t afford to add streaming services.

      I hope someone changes their mind and sees the benefit to The People of keeping the series on Lifetime.

  3. Maria I agree with your comments about the big mistake. We are seniors like Nancy and on limited funds Here in New Zealand netflix allows 5 family devices which worked fine until them required to be in the same geolocation. Being 100km from the rest of the family in Wellington cut us off so we wont use Netflix. DIB was streamed on TVNZ+
    Thoroughy enjpyed the first and cant wait for the next Woll done by all involved
    John B Morrison
    New Zealand

  4. It sucks I missed the run on lifetime Sunday morning (PST) April 30th.
    I hope lifetime plays it again. Darn!

  5. Have been waiting FOREVER for the sequel only to learn I have to pay to see it. I have satellite TV which is already expensive and as a senior I know nothing about streaming services and don’t want to have to pay more to see what Lifetime should have kept on Lifetime! You just lost this customer Lifetime.

  6. When buried Barstow 2 is released on another network how will the viewer know which network will aire it since Lifetime originally aired episodes 1?

    1. I doubt Angie Harmon has any input which network or streaming service will carry the next episodes of Buried in Barstow. She is probably just happy to have it picked up to carry on the show. I love the idea that it could be a series!!!

  7. shame on whoever by changing the network of this part #2 movie with angie I pay enough for the lowest cable and to have us on fixed incomes to be able to watch , this for a price for for got sakes lets be real.

  8. I agree that it is so unfair to lower income families to loss all the good tv shows to pay channels. They just pull you in to shows to make money somewhere else. Like all the Yellowstone series and Outlander

  9. Angie Harmon is not an actress I watch much of,with that being said I LOVED HER AS HAZEL in Buried in Barstow,,and said to myself this needs to be a series, figuring the movie would be wrapped up as one and done,so i was kind of happy it ended in a cliff hanger kinda upset it ended as as cliff hanger!!!! I will follow this show where ever it goes to watch more of Hazels story ,and her story can have so many turns!!! Good job Angie!!

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